In Sniper Elite 5, a new mode has been added to play the players to perform additional tasks when performing missions. Now a friend can enter the mission as a sniper of the axis against the Sniper of the Allies. The work of the axis sniper is to find the allies sniper and hold the attention of the axis soldier.

How does the invasion mode at Sniper Elite 5 work?

In the “Invasion” mode, new risks and rewards for the Sniper of the Allies and awards for the axis sniper will appear. The only goal of the invading sniper of the axis is to eliminate the player, while the allied sniper will have an additional goal – to destroy the invader. The invasion mode will also include a joint game, so the two snipers of the Allies will try to fulfill the mission, and the axis invader will now have two allies that need to be tracked, but this offers more significant awards.

Sniper Elite 5 - Invasion Mode Details
Both players will be able to use some unique invasion skills. The invaders can use the forces of the Axis AI to help them find allies. Having placed the axis soldier, Eagle eyes will turn on a function that will show the last known location of the Union Sniper if the axis soldier noticed him. The axis sniper can also order the soldiers remain sharp that increases their awareness.

At each level, the invasion phones are scattered on the map, which allied snipers can use to detect their opponents. Phones can be mined, and if they are abused, they can arouse suspicions and reveal the whereabouts of the allied sniper.

The winner of the player will be rewarded with weapons, objects, skins and additional experience for including the invasion mode.

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