Season Pass & DLC Guide for Anno 1800: Which DLC's Should You Buy?
Players have a clear favorite for the third 1800 Cosmetic DLC for 2022. One week after the start of the survey, the “Old Town Pack” is ahead with a large majority: More than 46 percent would like a DLC, the ornaments from previous Anno -Piele brings into the current part of the construction game. “The age of industrialization has broken down, but that does not mean that you have to forget the more medieval roots of their cities from previous annoses. This package focuses on the remains of older times for your city centers,” promises Ubisoft Mainz.

three DLCs to choose from

In addition to the “Old Town Pack”, the “Nature Pack” and the “Eldritch Pack” are also available for vote. The “Nature Pack” is in second place with 28 percent: the DLC could contain ornaments around natural objects, including special trees, natural monuments, rock formations and “maybe places to rest for walkers”. With around 25 percent, the “Eldritch Pack is currently in third place in the survey. For this cosmetic DLC, the developers promise” Gothic elements in line with the 19th century for your cities with dark and possibly slightly creepy ornaments “.

It will have to be shown whether the “Old Town Pack” actually does the race in the end. Until the end of the survey there will be seven days: the voting runs until May 16, at 11:59 p.m. Until then, you still have time to coordinate for your favorite DLC. The extension with most votes is finally implemented by the developers. The Cosmetic DLC is scheduled to appear in autumn for 4.99 euros. The cosmetic extensions are not part of the Season Pass.

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