Today, the Broken Ranks servers will have an update that added to the game the dungeon “Castle Spectre”, even more useful and valuable award, the task of activating the dungeons and many amendments and improvements.

To obtain access to the new dungeon, you must first complete the ARS MorienDi task, which is intended for players of the 40 level. The heroes will have to investigate the mysterious curse that struck the Gastelhof Castle. But to completely solve the riddle yet. The developers decided to divide the update into two parts – the second will be installed later, but also in this quarter.

To enter the castle, you will have to pay 150,000 gold or give a rare ingredient – a black pearl. For the victory over the boss, you can get the parts of the armor – Gatril (helmet), Virtchil (armor), Nortil (raincoat) or Tyrhel (Chonozhi).

More details about monsters inhabiting the dungeon can be found in this material on the game website.