Ubisoft wants to publish three large games until the end of the fiscal year 2023, which they announced on their last investor meeting. The black sheep Skull and Bones should also be part of the party. After years of development there is finally positive news about the pirate game. After a few weeks ago, new gameplay material appeared **, the game in South Korea received an age classification.

Skull and Bones gets age classification in South Korea – what does that mean?

According to VGC, the pirate adventure Skull and Bones has received an age classification in South Korea. This means that the game is either ready or shortly before it was completed. The classification reads as follows”[Skull and Bones is] an Open World Action Game that takes place in the Indian Ocean during the pirates’ high phase.”In addition, the game should include consumption of drugs and violence, why It is not suitable for the youth, at least in South Korea. While this information is of course not groundbreaking or particularly surprising, it is good to finally get a sign of life, after all, it wasn’t always the case.

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these were the problems with the development of Skull and Bones

Already in 2013 it was done to Skull and Bones Originally it was supposed to be an extension to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag , until you finally go into a MMO spin-off and finally in a converted an independent project. Since then there is always a change of direction and sometimes even complete restarts in the development. According to insider information, $ 120 million went into development.

The game was officially announced for the first time on the E3 2017 and should also be released in 2018. Finally, the first of many shifts followed and the new plan was a publication for 2019, then the game was placed in 2020, just to be postponed again. The current release period is between January and March 2023 **. Let’s hope that this time it manages to meet the schedule and who knows, maybe Skull and Bones (buy 99.77 € now) will be as great success as Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves.

Source: VGC

By Marc Schmidt
14.05.2022 at 2:23 p.m.