When we talk about historical names in the competitive circuit of League of Legends, Asian stars always come to mind such as Faker (which is currently disputing the MSI 2022 with a huge quality) or uzi ; although it is true that there are also great names in the West such as Rekkles or Sneaky . Many of them are already retired, while others are in the limbo of not having teams with which they can play. Well, One of those historical players returns to the competitive in a totally unexpected way and eager to be the best in a very competitive league such as NLC .

T1 vs SGB - Day 1 LoL MSI 2022 Group Stage | T1 vs Saigon Buffalo full game
It has been Wooloo , one of the most famous leakers today in the western panorama, the person in charge of informing an unexpected movement by all. The Russian jungle Danil “ Diamondprox ” Reschetnikov will play the summer season in the ranks of Bifrost , a NLC team, with the intention of giving a good role in a large tournament like the EU Masters. Known mainly for his passage in Moscow Five , the Russian jungle and his team raised trophies in a regular basis in the earliest phases of competitive Lol.

The jungla is considered as a u of the most important players of the competition , since it formalized a role that was initially quite abstract and made a chair of how to play the jungle effectively, becoming the best of the best of the World in his position in the first seasons of League of Legends and being a fundamental pillar in the operation of the game currently about winning lines and map control.

Moscow Five finished among the first four of the World League of Legends championship of season 2 and, after just over a year, was disabilities for various scandals. It is currently without a team after the cancellation of the LCL by Riot Games after the invasion of Russia in Ukrainian territory and longed to compete again at the highest level. Diamondprox will replace Jungla Casper “Cboi” Bo Simonsen inside the Bifrost list for this summer and hopes to play a great game after being several years in Russian territory.