Yesterday the sad news was published that Starfield and Redfall had to be postponed to the early 2023.

Both developer studios need more time to ensure a better gaming experience, it was said by those responsible.

Afterwards, many Xbox fans let their disappointment run free and complained about the lack of games in 2022. The line-up has been really very poor so far and the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase in less than four weeks should probably take the “delay- Carrow “pull out of the dirt. If not, the year 2022 will really be a “sparse year”, after Microsoft was only recognized as the publisher of 2021.

Phil Spencer RESPONDS To Xbox Controversy - Starfield Delay, Xbox 2023 Breakdown, & MORE!

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that the fans rightly long for more first party games. However, he once again emphasized how important it was to give the studios the time they ultimately need for the development of high -quality products.

Furthermore, Phil said: “These decisions are hard for the teams that develop the games and for our fans. I completely support it to give the teams time to publish these great games when they are done, but we hear the feedback. We are expected to deliver quality and consistency. We will continue to work to better meet these expectations. “

So while in 2022 so far it looks extremely weak, the year 2023 seems to be packed with large titles.