At the moment, we talk a little, much, passionately about T1 . This historic structure of the LCK, tricampeone of the world, is currently playing the MSI of League of Legends. Invict during the Spring Split, the team is a dream and many present it as an impeccable cyborg.

However, we must not forget that in South Korea , other quality competitors wait impatiently for the Summer Split and the World End of the Year . Some will quote Gen.G and the monstrous Chovy, but we also think of DWG Kia. The current runners -up of the world have recovered to Nuguri and could well return to the top of the food chain. Speaking of the team, it seems that they are looking for a new coach to come to fill their coaching staff… The structure published a job offer and our wise eye fell into a fairly particular condition that some will consider as “ discriminatory “.

To train DWG Kia you must be non -smoker

In the hiring form, we find very classic requests: having experience, being willing to invest to help team and players… But there is a fairly special condition! The sheet mentions that the future coach must be not smoker. This is quite unusual and some would consider it a bit strange since smoking is something personal that does not affect a priori performance. In a hurry, it can give bad breath, but not much further. The most extremists will talk about “ Discrimination “.

Without context, it is difficult to explain this condition, which even in Korea is not common. But there may be a hidden reason … a player or a staff member can really be intolerant of the smell and smoke of cigarettes. DWG KIA may also have decided to fight tobacco, an addictive and dangerous practice for health (with serious consequences such as cancer).

The cigarettes and smoking in South Korea

South Korea is not a country that is accustomed to being particularly hard with smokers. Prices have risen, but we are still in affordable waters compared to other European countries that from 2015 to today the package has passed from 1.86 euros to 3.35 euros (converted prices). There are more and more restrictions and many public spaces are smoke free: airports, restaurants, hospitals…

According to a 2017 WHO study, smoking mainly affects men in South Korea with 49.8 % of smokers , compared to only one 4.2 % of smoking women in the country. Therefore, practice has a lot of gender and is generally frowned upon that a woman smokes. In comparison, Spain is more egalitarian at this point with 23.3% of smoking men and 16.4% of smoking women in 2020 (INE).

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Foto: Dwg Kia