In Sniper Elite 5, a submachine gun is your best friend in a difficult situation. It produces a lot of bullets, very quickly, and with proper use can kill several enemies. If you need to quickly make a lot of shots and you don’t care who hears you, you get your SMG.

Best SMG assembly in Sniper Elite 5

Below is our best assembly for a submachine gun.

* A submachine gun : Welgun Smg

barrel *: Standard
Muzzle : MCleen Control Brake
magazine : Standard question
reserve *: Light X2
Tsevye *: Austin Control

Sniper Elite 5 Sniper Rifle Customization Upgrade Gameplay
Rear handle *: fast handle
Recipient *: Lightened bolt

In this case, we were not worried about the sound made; We just wanted a submachine gun to be available when we need it. When you pull out SMG, you are caught and you need to clean the room. The submachine gun should be accurate and easy to control, but it is also important not to sacrifice too much power for it. You are in a difficult position if your SMG can hit enemies, but not kill them.

We only care that the submachine gun is reliable and with a large store, so we are not worried about what a submachine gun looks like. We ignored the cosmetic version, since it does not affect the ability of a submachine gun to shoot. Feel free to make your own cosmetic choice.

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