The latest offshoot of the popular Sniper Elite series was released on May 26, 2022. The title is available on the PC for all subscribers to the PC Game Pass without additional costs. Otherwise, the game can still be purchased on Steam, and a publication for the Epic Games Store was actually planned. Players were able to pre-order Sniper Elite 5 as normal, but the title is currently still listed as “appears soon”, which is a little strange. According to a FAQ of the developer studio Rebellion, at least all pre-orders from Sniper Elite 5 have received a refund.

Despite pre-order, Sniper Elite 5 is missing any trace in the Epic Games Store

According to a popular theory that is currently circulating on the Internet, the game will only be available from June 16, 2022 in the Epic Games Store. At this point, the current Epic Games Mega Sale, which includes a coupon, ends with which player receives a 25 percent discount on a title worth over 14.99 euros. For example, users can also apply this coupon to the recently published Evil Dead the Game. So it would be quite conceivable that the coupon can also be used on a new publication like Sniper Elite 5.

Maybe this is simply an error in the system at Epic Games, after all, as already mentioned, the title still has its own page and will be listed there as “soon”. Maybe Sniper Elite 5 (buy now € 59.99) will also be available in the Epic Games Store in a few days. However, if you want to experience Karl Fairburne’s adventure beforehand, then you must either buy the title on Steam or play in PC Game Pass.

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By Daniel Link

Epic Store Cancels Sniper Elite 5 Pre-orders
05/27/2022 at 5:52 p.m.