Range charge is an important item in Sniper Elite 5, which can be used to blow up heavy doors and destroy objects. This leadership will show you where to find the charms of the satchel in the Atlantic wall in the game.

Sniper Elite 5: Where to find a charge of a satchel in the Atlantic wall

Sniper Elite 5 - 100% Collectibles Guide - Mission 1: Atlantic Wall
Atlantic Wall is the first mission of Sniper Elite 5. You will need to destroy the radar tower using a ranks. To find a satchery, go to radar trenches in the Atlantic Val area, as shown on the map below. It is located south of the radar tower. In the trenches you will find several charges of the satchel.

If you have problems with the identification of the subject, use the focus mode to highlight the charms of the satchel with an orange glow. Explore the trenches, and you will find many charms of the satchel.

It is always recommended to be on the trenches, because you will almost certainly meet German soldiers. They will not cause special trouble, and if you are vigilant enough, you can quickly get rid of them.

When you collect a sufficient number of ranks of the satchel, head to the radar tower. Climb on the tower, and then place the charge of the satchel to blow it up.