Unhappy with her bllox user name? Well, you can fix this with the help of a displayed name, an alternative name that determines how other players recognize you in bllox. Disputed names are available around the world for bllox. To change your bllox display of the name to the PC, follow the following actions.

How to change the displayed name in Roblox

Step one: Enter bllox using a web browser.

Step two: Click on mechanism button located in the upper right corner of the page. Then click Settings.

Step third: In the settings, stay on Information about the account page. Under the heading Information on the account must be displayed name (indicated above the user name).

Step fourth: Click on pencil/edit button on the right to change the displayed name. A new window will appear in which you can change the displayed name if it meets the criteria listed below. Press Save to confirm your new displayed name.

displayed names and user names-what’s the difference?

The user name is a unique name that all players assign to themselves during the first registration. Bllox. User names are what players use to enter the platform. After creating, the user name costs 1000 robux.

In the future, the displayed name is a name that will be displayed in the chat, players’ lists or over the head of your game character. In fact, the reflected names are your social name, the name that you prefer that all players learn as your name. Bllox character. Consider the displayed names as a personal expression of your online perfume.

As described on the developer forum:

Moreover, all these annoying numbers tied to your bllox user name will no longer be displayed if you decide to make the displayed name!


Requirements for displayed names / you need to know

The displayed names are absolutely free! They will not cost any Robax, but there are still specific recommendations should follow the displayed names. Disputed names should:

  • Length from 3 to 20 characters.
  • Change only once every 7 days.
  • The filters should be verified (also known as displayed names should be suitable for all ages).

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