The face-to-face events have gradually returned to our normal life, and that is reason enough for companies such as Apple to present their novelties before potential potential clients. Now, the company decided to take another step in terms of important ads, because the update towards the iOS 16 is quickly approaching.

One of the changes that stands out is that of the blocked screen, where they can already modify the colors, add widgets that are linked to the different devices and the background can change every time. The latter is one of the implementations that had been requested most for years, a step forward to simulate having a mac in hand.

For their part, the messages are now allowed to edit even after being sent, this avoids the task of erase and have to write them again. And in the translation application, the camera can be used to carry out language changes, a somewhat more concise and fast way to do adaptation activities.

Another important updates are linked once again to the blocked screen, since it can be configured according to the notifications you want to receive, a specific approach. That will make only certain messages appear in the blockade, leaving aside others that will make an appearance once the user’s phone lock is removed.

In news related to the iPhone. Recently, a way to share the _wi-Fi password was announced through a QR code. If you want to do this on your cell phone, we leave you the steps in the following link.