Today during the Summer Game Fest He was a little more D _e Marvel’s Midnight Suns, game that will bring together the most iconic heroes of the brand to face great conflicts. And next to this advance the arrival of Spider-Man, but that was not the only thing that caught the attention of the fans, but did their voice specifically.

Indeed, the actor what his voice gave him in Marvel ‘s spider-man of Playstation, yuri lowentahl, will return to make dumbbell together with the other heroes of the giant comic universe. It will be a great way to wait, since the following adventure by Insomniac Games continues in development, specifically for some point of 2023 .

The developer Firexis confirmed that lowenthal is really returning, but wanted to make something very clear. The spider-man of _Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not the same as the games of insomniac. Firexis simply thought that Lowenthal did a great job expressing the character within the adaptations, so they simply decided to sign it quickly.

In related news. During the presentation of the game at the Summer Game Fest Interesting elements were revealed that will be company to the video game, including its official release date. If you want to know everything relevant to the game, we invite you to click on the following link.