[Jae-jun Song Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) is a ‘Beta Game Launcher’ procedure to join the C2X blockchain platform of ‘Children Luca’ developed by subsidiary Novacore (CEO Kim Do-hoon and Kim Jong-sook) It was announced on the 13th that it started.

Children Luca is a negative collection game (RPG) with an easy and fast battles of side scrolling and automatic play. You can organize your own decks with a variety of heroes with six attributes of water, fire, wind, land, light, and darkness.


The game has a structure in which all in the game is opened sequentially according to the main stage progress, and has a fun element of collecting and fostering attractive characters with different stories. In particular, the character attributes, dealers, tankers, support, and buffs are divided into a core element of strategic deck configuration through the relationship.

In addition, global users, except for some countries, can enjoy the P2O (Play to Own) system, except for some countries, such as Korea.

Children Luca will carry out the Beta Game Launcher of the C2X Blockchain Platform, which is based on the Web 3 philosophy of decentralization and process distribution. Participants in the beta game launcher in the global region can freely use the game and express their intention to install the platform according to satisfaction. If you have a ‘Game Fan Card’ until the end of the beta game launcher, you can receive various benefits such as token distribution after the official launch of the game.

Meanwhile, Com2us Group launched ‘Summers War: Hundred Years War’ earlier this year, and has introduced high-quality blockchain games such as ‘Cromatic Soul: AFK Raid’ and ‘Gameville Pro Baseball Superstars’. The company plans to target the global web 3.0 game market by securing the diversity of genres in the C2X platform through new works such as Chronicle, Walking Dead: Identity, Fishing God: Crew, and Mini Game Heaven.