Revealed in 2015, the Swedish game upset a head at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase to confirm its spring release on Microsoft consoles, however also on Steam. Great news: Lightyear Frontier will certainly be availableThe first dayon the Video game Pass.

Our development will be of a narrative dimension, since several archaeological and also relic websites can be dug deep into in the surroundings, therefore allowing us to raise the trick on the earth as well as its past. It will even be possible to have a look at particular neighboring worlds, to revive certain resources and unusual information


In this Swedishfarminggame, which combines sources and also simulation of mecha, the bias is to offer a relaxing and also creative experience, and also thus take the reverse of making use of warrior routine of gigantic robots in the computer game. Usable solo as in coop up to four online, Lightyear Frontier puts us in front of a gigantic open-world, an alien world, with the largest latitudes to expand all kinds of neighborhood haciendas, construct our Base, boost the different elements of our mech, while trying to tame wild life on site, and the numerous weather components (a cycle of four periods is intended) which will disturb our routine.

Currently set up for spring 2023, Lightyear Frontier will certainly be released on Xbox One, X/S Collection and also PC, as well as will certainly be playable by means of Game Pass.

Bethesda video clip

Lightyear Frontier-Trailer de Gameplay-Xbox Showcase 2022