2. Film-Zuko

In 2025 the 2nd film, which is claimed to be about Zuko, is to follow the boy of Feuerlord Ozai as well as Ursa. At what time the tale should be situated is unclear. Nevertheless, it would certainly be possible that Zuko’s mommy would certainly be discussed. Far, what occurred to her has actually just been taken up in comics (the search) and is as a result perfect for an animated implementation.

The year 2024 was called as a gross release period.

According to Character News, the three movies, all of whom do not yet have a title, have to do with their own subject, so they do not develop a coherent tale.

The final thought with the Korra film is arranged to queue in 2026.

3 independent avatar animation films.

3. Film Corra

1. Film-Avatar Kyoshi

The initial of the 3 films is said to be a prequel with Character Kyoshi in the leading duty, which lived in the Planet Kingdom as an orphan, which has actually currently been taken up in books. An intro that was revealed at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival suggests that this is really real. According to Resources, the citadel of General Fong (Earth Kingdom) appears to have been revealed, in addition to the claiming The Character returns and also an earth tape sign.

Paramount and also Nickelodeon validated 3 brand-new film regarding Avatar-and the Lord of the elements during the Annecy International Animation Film Event 2022. Nonetheless, this is not once more an actual film, yet animated productions by the Avatar Studios, which is expected to bring the US animation collection to the movie theater.

There are also comics that might act as a basis for the 3rd and also last film, which must fairly fit, because the movie supposedly should butt the tale of Korra to the end of the collection.

What the three animated films are about or when they need to appear, there is no details on this. Nonetheless, many thanks to anonymous resources, Avatar News would like to know more regarding the movies

Just how likely is that all?

Yet currently to you: What do you believe of the meant concepts? Would certainly you such as films that take up the comics and also novels, or would certainly you favor to desire you fresh as well as totally brand-new tales from the avatar world?

Also if the info may appear probable, specifically because of the books as well as comics, none of it is formally. Neither Paramount nor Nickelodeon have actually commented on this.

Avatar Information speaks of sufficient resources, however advises that it should only be the current strategies that can still alter at any moment.

As much as I commemorated the series around Avatar Aang, my darling continues to be the legend and is of Korra. It is definitely likewise due to my age when I looked at the follower collection, but it charms to me much extra with her brisk as well as a lot more grown-up types, including steampunk panache.

Even more I long for the reality that the third film actually acts from Korra and also the occasions according to the collection. Kyoshi as well as Zuko certainly likewise supply interesting techniques, however would certainly be less connected to Korra, which implies that less sensations are turned on once again.

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The very first of the 3 films is claimed to be a prequel with Avatar Kyoshi in the leading function, which lived in the Planet Kingdom as an orphan, which has actually already been taken up in stories. A teaser that was shown at the Annecy International Animation Film Event recommends that this is actually real. In 2025 the second movie, which is stated to be about Zuko, is to adhere to the kid of Feuerlord Ozai as well as Ursa. As much as I celebrated the series around Character Aang, my beloved is as well as continues to be the tale of Korra. Would certainly you like films that take up the comics as well as books, or would you like to want you totally new and also fresh stories from the avatar cosmos?

Annika Bavendiek

In the most effective situation, the comics are really used up, considering that unfortunately I have unfortunately not read them. Also if: a story about elementary-voltage that whips in well-staged fighting with soil, fire, air as well as water, provide me a whole lot even more than a comic and also my imagination could ever. I just desire even more of every little thing that the tale of Korra collection supplied me, however in a computer animated type on the display!