It is not a novelty that in the world accidents linked to large sums of money pass, this recently happened with some extra deposits that were made to some users of bbva in Mexico. However, it is reported that in Chile something more extraordinary passed, as an employee of a consortium received 165 million pesos (equivalent to 3.8 million in MX).


All this went through an error of the human resources division linked to the company, which assigned to the employee an extra bonus that did not correspond to the subject already mentioned. The same that initially thought it was an error of its application to see the balance, but then decided not to comment to the company, which is why they communicated with the employee.

He was calling him constantly to go to the bank branch to return the total figure, but he commented at all times that he never listened to said call to his cell ph1. Shortly after, a defense lawyer appeared in the company to declare that the money should not be returned, since the error was not his at the end of the day.

To finish the case at the moment, the subject presented a voluntary renunciation letter, leaving the millions of pesos in the process. Given this, the company is in a demand process towards its former employee. Ensuring that the error should not have as impact to leave people without the money that belongs to them in their own right.

Vía: company Ciel