The European DP World Tour took the 37-year-old Kaymer as well as various other participants of the LIV competition in London, financed with millions from Saudi Arabia, with a fine of ₤ 100,000 (around ₤ 116,220).


A lock also pulls the involvement in Saudi Arabia

Kaymer, that has actually been playing at the BMW International Open in Eichenried near Munich because Thursday, had taken 15th place at the LIV premiere and just recently protected his participation. Even more consequences have been intimidated if World Tour players take part in other LIV events. The next stop of the Saudi series is from June 30th to July 2nd in Portland. Kaymer is likewise on the start checklist at this tournament.

Every action that a person in life undertakes has repercussions, stated Keith Pelley, the head of the DP World Tour, in a message on Friday. The North American PGA tour had actually previously blocked some gamers.

For this purpose, the World Tour players, who had actually hit the Centurion Club at the beginning of the month, are shut to the Scottish Open and Barbasol Championship (both 7th to 10th July) and the Barracuda Champion (July 14th to 17th). The Major tournament around the British Open is omitted from the spell.

Every activity that somebody in life undertakes has effects, said Keith Pelley, the head of the DP World Tour, in a message on Friday. It is no various in professional sports: Especially if somebody decides to break the regulations. This has happened right here with numerous of our members. The North American PGA tour had previously obstructed some players.

Every action that somebody in life undertakes has consequences.

Keith Pelley, head of the DP World Tour

If World Tour players take component in other LIV events, even more consequences have actually been intimidated. I’m not against a tour.

The LIV series is criticized for the million-dollar investment from Saudi Arabia. The background to this is that the country criticized because of human rights offenses with lucrative sporting events attempts to enhance its online reputation.

In the meantime, the golf enthusiast has actually commented: The money is something, however I would certainly simply like to play golf, claimed Kaymer at the television broadcaster Skies. Yet he does not regret his choice. I’m not versus a tour. I am a player who wishes to play all over. And also all the political points: Who am to really assess it. I know much as well little, said the former globe ranking.