On June 16, 2022, KOCH MEDIA is a road trip adventure game Road 96 where the PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S version was released.

In this work, a story is drawn from the viewpoint of boys and girls traveling to the border with the aim of escaping from the dictatorial state Petria, and encounters with various people spending time in politics and Petria are drawn. Boys and girls are nominated for posters and television broadcasting as missing people, and the road to the border is not easy.

One of the characteristic elements of this work is different developments every time due to procedural generation. Procedure generation is a mechanism that dynamically changes the prepared assets, data, and algorithms. In Road 96, the player’s choice branches into all developments, and different stories can be spun for each play. 。

The detailed game content is to see the explosive player and the developer interview. In this article, how much the content changes with procedural generation? Delivering a played repo focusing on that point. Play 5 laps to somehow the end and compare each.

In addition, we avoid the contents of the story as much as possible, but please be careful if you are concerned about * spoilers because it touches on the contents of the event that can be encountered in this work. *

1st lap

It starts with a scene walking on the road toward the gas station. There is a boy in the same situation nearby. He talks to the owner of the gas station, but threatens the hero by looking at the face on the missing poster. He decided to do a gas station bite so that he was not reported to the police.

I met a police officer Fanny. When she was talking to her, another police officer came, and she brought her away. The protagonist thought that it would be taken to Fanny and released it. She seems to be different from other police officers.

After riding a Fanny’s car, she encountered a robbery brothers Stan and Mitch. Have them put on a motorcycle side car and travel a fleeting motorcycle. There was one act of chasing an assassin who is aiming for a woman on a TV program caster called Sonya, but he was not caught in the end, and his identity remained mysterious.

I arrived at the starry sky campsite where trailer houses are lined up. So, I meet the girl Zoe who was suspected of a pickpocket by the owner. When she helps her, she spends time together in front of the bonfire. She also left home to escape from Petria. It seems that the father of the civil servant will come back soon, but Zoe does not seem to return again.

After her relationship deepened, she was shouted by the owner and was kicked out while playing the trumpet she had at midnight. At the same time, you can say goodbye to Zoe.

After leaving the campsite, you will meet the truck driver John. John has lost his wife in a rock collapse accident at a border in the past, and has lost several fingers.

John, who carries his luggage, seems to be very sleepy and frequently drains. He does not hear that he has an important luggage even if he suggests stop the car once. The protagonist wakes up using John’s special OMEN energizers made by shaking ginseng, cucumber and coffee beans. This energy agent can be learned as abilities and can recover physical strength.

The protagonist who had such a long-distance distance arrived at the border safely and escaped from Petria.

2nd lap

On the second lap, one of the three people on the TV program is the main character. This time, I met Zoe, which I met at the campsite on the first lap, at the beginning of my trip. She is hitchhiking and decided to move together with her caught car.

In the car, she played against Zoe’s music and played on Connect Four (4 line games), and a couple who discussed politics was also given opinions on the protagonist and Zoe. Among them, an impressive line that young people change the country also pops out.

Zoe’s father seems to be happy for her daughter to live in a large house and go to a private school, but Zoe himself did not think so. She will be spoiled, so she will go down in detail, but she taught me the serious secrets of her father and became closer than the first lap.

But then she encountered a police check. She resisted the suspicious Zoe, but she was caught by the police. Here she chose the option of helping, but was counterattacked by the police and the protagonist was stunned and arrested as it was. She just tried to help, and she had a bitter ending.

3rd lap

This time, I will go on a journey with a stolen car, and a boy named Alex is on board at the start. He is a surprising genius boy who makes games on his own computer and sells it. The protagonist will play a new work, Angry Tank, which is aimed at defeating a red tank.

If this anger tank makes a request such as I want the player to pick up the bullet or I want the bullet to bounce, Alex will correct the game. Did your parents learn about computer technology? When asked, Alex has a dark expression. His parents seemed to have died in the rock collapse accident, which had been affected by the truck driver, who met on the first lap.

If you break up with Alex and head to the bar on the roadside, you will be in charge of a part-time job. It is Ten and Wanya because customers order one after another. So Jarod, one of the customers, ordered a cocktail. However, it was intentional or localized, so there was not enough material, so if I chose something like that and put it out, I was swallowed and said, It’s bad! 。 It is regrettable that the quality of the translation varies, so this textbook cannot be grasped.

The drunk Jarod talks about his past. There was a daughter in Jalod, but he died in a rock collapse accident. After all, you can see that this rock collapse accident is at the center of the story of this work.

After that, the protagonist, who arrived at the border, conveyed the cliff and succeeded in escaping Petria. This time, I proceeded without difficulty, but it seems that if I have little physical strength or bad luck, I will fail in the middle of the road.

4th lap

This time, I met Zoe while I was going to the gas station. Zoe is detained by police trucks and asks the hero to help. The police are taking a break at the gas station… I wanted to pass by secret, but it doesn’t show much. So, I decided to drop the breaker using a telephone pole key found in the hut. Get the key while making a fuss and rescue Zoe…! I thought, both of them were caught.

However, the black brigade that caused the rock collapse attacked the police, and the protagonist and Zoe were able to escape. The members of the black brigade also included John.

While walking on the road, I encountered Sonya, a host of a TV program. She is suddenly assigned to a photographer. It was an interview to lift the current president, but this time I played in the confession setting, so I decided to lift the election candidate Flores, contrary to the instructions.

Suddenly the flores group interrupted, and the site was confused. The camera was relentlessly hitting the flores.


I had a hitch hike put on a Fanny car. Nevertheless, Fanny is a police officer, so she tries to return her hero to her, but her hero resists.

Then, suddenly suffered an accident, and the car fell. She managed to crawl, defeat the fainted Fanny and leave.

The protagonist who arrived at the border fake his status as a foreign worker and took the test. He told me the harsh conditions for becoming a foreign worker and the unreasonable rules of paying most of the salary in the country. However, the protagonist who passed the exam succeeded in escaping. Also, the security of the border was stricter than the first lap.

5th lap

This time, the robbery brothers, Stan and Mitch, encountered the scene where they committed the crime. The protagonist also accompanies and infiltrates an unmanned store. The protagonist decides to give instructions by watching the video of the surveillance camera.

Then, a call from a security company. It seemed that he answered it well and avoided it, but he ran away in a hurry because the security guard came.

Next, while accompanied by Sonya, he participated in a party where many celebrities attended. I won the gambling and made a lot of money as I couldn’t seem to be a runaway boy. She went to get a drink because she wanted to drink something, but she returned, and when she returned.

When you reach the border after multiple hitchhiks, you will see Zoe. I have seen her many times on the lap so far, but this time it seems that it is finally just before Petria escape.

She decides to walk on a rocky place and waterfall with her and bonfire overnight in a cave in front of the border. With this, she reminds me when she met on the first lap. So she talked about a very important fact.

As a result of playing five laps, I was able to enjoy different experiences every time, such as the person I met and the event that occurred. Although it is difficult to grasp the play experience only with store pages and sentences, the experience created by procedural generation is a special unique to this work, and through scenarios, the attitude of politics, elections, and people on the attitude of people. It is unique to draw from the perspective of.

ROAD 96 is distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG.com/microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.