Magic: The Gathering Arena is one of the most respected collection games. The mechanics of this game, which goes into the classic card game Magic: The Gathering, inspired many clones, the most famous of which is Hearthstone.

Despite the rigid competition in the genre of well-building, MTG Arena is still strong, and its meta is active, like any other game. To succeed, you will need help, and we have it-the best decks for MTG Arena!

Best Metacolodes for MTG Arena

These decks are Magic: The Gathering Arena are masters of current meta format, so take advantage of the chance to advance up the stairs. Since this game is very competitive, add this page to bookmarks and often check it, as we will update it in accordance with the MTG Arena metatus.

Mono-Red Goblin Arena Deck

The deck Mono-Red Goblin is one of the best agro-colle in the game, and for that, good reasons! These goblin cards suppress the enemy and, as a rule, finish it off for 4-5 moves. It is not surprising that this deck has more than 60% of the winnings.

  • x4 charge of a fire blade
  • x3 thunder rebuff
  • x21 snow-covered mountain
  • x4 frosty bite
  • X4 Combat Klich Goblin
  • x4 goblin-todik
  • x3 hobgoblin bandit lord
  • X4 Captain Hobgoblin
  • x4 clumsy bear
  • x2 you see a couple of goblins
  • x2 teddy bear lair
  • x2 abrasion
  • X2 Kumano Feis is in order
  • x1 double sniper

on hunting deck mtg arena

When an aggressive approach does not work, you will need cards in the middle of the game. The deck on the hunt gives you a chance to win, even if the initial aggressive strategy did not suit you. That is why this deck has more than 60% of the winnings.

  • x4 rocky highlands
  • x1 robber with fanged blades
  • x2 lunar madness
  • X3
  • x1 reckless storm
  • X2 Liberator of Outlet
  • x3 growling wolf
  • X1 Arlinn, hope of the pack
  • x3 sessig naturalist
  • x1 Tovolar, terrible lord
  • x2 unnatural sunrise of the moon
  • x1 valley of rockfalls
  • X3 Hungry Mountain Wolf
  • x1 howling moon
  • x1 howling
  • x2 puppy of the song of the pack
  • x3 flowers weaver
  • x2 wolf blow
  • X3 Baby child
  • X1 Galana and Alena, partners
  • x2 Ring of the rider
  • x9 mountain
  • x9 forest

Mono-white aggressive deck MTG Arena

If you look at the most popular decks, aggressiveness is a good idea in MTG Arena. Mono-white agro-column is one of the best in the use of cheap minions to destroy enemies. You will be highly appreciated at MTG Arena if everything goes according to plan. This deck has a winning coefficient of more than 59%, which is a sufficient reason to try it.

  • x2 wandering emperor
  • x4 encouraging dedicated
  • x2 gatekeeper of the fallen
  • x4 a contender of A-Luminarch
  • x1 fearless enemy
  • x3 fighting spirit
  • x4 waist, traine guard
  • x3 elite caster
  • x1 cruel Qatar
  • x4 ghost of the heavenly enclave
  • X3 Adeline, magnificent Qatar
  • X4 Captain-invisitor
  • x21 snowy plains
  • X2 Cave of the Ice Dragon
  • X1 Eiganjo, the throne of the empire
  • x1 a-shirt harbor
  • x1 wandering emperor
  • x2 fleeting spirit
  • X2 Archont of Emerma
  • x2 Production specialist
  • x1 raidan, God worthy
  • X2 Sigrid, favorable to God
  • x2 valiant stand
  • x2 portion
  • X1 Circle of conclusion

Combined Jeskai deck for MTG Arena

The deck Jeskai Combo MTG Arena rotates around the Goldspan Dragon card. What do you need is to use a lot of spells to strengthen GoldSpan. This is not one of the fastest decks, but the result is very effective. He has more than 50% of winnings, but playing 100% fun!

  • x3 island
  • X5 Mountain
  • x2 Hall of storm giants
  • x4 shore carved by storms
  • x4 river path
  • X1 Jochanzan, males of disobedience
  • X1 Otavara, soaring city
  • x4 golden dragon
  • X3 Lier, a student of a drowned man
  • x4 danger of spikefield
  • x2 fading hope
  • X1 Marsh of a spinning fog
  • x3 voltage jump
  • x2 demonstration of confidence
  • X3 Destruction JVVI
  • x2 galvanic iteration
  • x1 shelter of Sejiri
  • X1 Silwundy Vision
  • x2 unexpected luck
  • x4 large account
  • x4 expressive iteration
  • X4 Legend of a mirror destroyer
  • x1 spell piercing
  • x1 fading hope
  • X1 arrow consecrated by the flame
  • X1 Marsh of a spinning fog

* X1 denial
* x2 dismissive blow
* X1 ashtray
* x1 Talent test
* x1 dragon fire
* x2 contemplate multi-sized
* x1 burn the house
* x1 All-seeing referee
* X1 Horror Hallolom

deck Orzoh Control Mtg Arena

The ORZOHV Control deck is a control deck that allows you to not rush to prepare while you control the playing field. This is a black and white deck with which you are good enough to defend yourself from most opponents. Remember that you should have a plan, otherwise after a while your protection will collapse. With this deck, you will have at least 56% of WinReite.

  • x3 wandering emperor
  • X1 Sorin is joyless
  • x2 infected enemy
  • X1 Angel Legion
  • x4 disappearing verse
  • x1 murder with the word power
  • x2 beating hagra
  • x2 thirst for a bloody leader
  • x4 challenge
  • X1 Goodbye
  • X2 Call of Emeri
  • x3 reconner bankbuster
  • X2 Life Toshiro Madzava
  • x2 massacre Hook
  • x4 wedding announcement
  • x2 Restoration of Eiganjo
  • x3 plains
  • x2 swamp
  • x4 cleaned steppes
  • X1 Ruin Field
  • x4 trail of light ascent
  • X4 Hive eye tyrant
  • x4 destroyed sanctuary
  • X1 Eiganjo, the throne of the empire
  • X1 Takenum, abandoned swamp
  • x1 ghost of the heavenly enclave
  • X3 Angel Legion
  • x2 Henrik Dombati
  • x3 ray of weakness
  • X2 coercion
  • x2 trap check
  • X1 Goodbye
  • x1 massacre Hook

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