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Super Noda Game WORLD, where the great sword of Chidori Nobu also grows, is released on July 28 -The official website is also open

Yoshimoto Kogyo’s game service FANY GAMES has announced that the party game Super Noda Game WORLD has been released on July 28, and has also released the official website.

This work is a party game developed by Kayak’s game creator Hiroyuki Goto by Kayak’s game creator Hiroyuki Goto. It has been announced that the release date is July 28, but since it has been revealed that it is still under production as the development of the development team is a major premise, the release date is successfully announced. Is confirmed.

As a lineup, Shadow Bath tribute Ikasama card game Evil Bath and Shogi III following Shogi II, which appeared as the latest work after 1,000 years in the previous work. It is a super interesting game collection that contains many unique works such as you don’t have to gather forcibly to enjoy.

In addition, Chidori Nobu, who also invests and appears as the protagonist of Shin-NOBU ~, also responded on his Twitter account, I’m finally waiting! Shin-NOBU- is an action in which Nobu, who has lost his way into a different world, defeats the enemy with a large sword. It is.

Super Noda Game WORLD will be released on July 28 for 1,600 yen for Nintendo Switch.

Diablo, FIFA & much more: 7 publishers

Scandals, exaggerations and lies: Large publisher such as EA, Ubisoft and Activision-Blizzard are usually published in public with curious to outrageous statements. We have actually been seeking 7 quotes here that were completely worthless from front to back.

Ubisoft, Activison & EA: Author with controversial declarations

Conflicts are component of the everyday company in the video clip game industry-especially the largest authors in the sector, with incomprehensible choices , consistently guarantee trouble in the community . In our image series at the end of this post we reveal you 7 such author statements that were just gross rubbish for numerous factors.

Diablo, FIFA & NFTS: Rumor declarations of the pc gaming sector

For example, Diablo’s catastrophic statement is extraordinary: Immortal, in which a Snowstorm designer survive on the phase of the Blizzcon marvelously out of day. EAS Hanebüchene validation for the hostile microtransactions in FIFA Ultimate Team Before the British Parliament is one of the most well-known quotes in the industry.


Undoubtedly, author has actually still not found out from such fabulous errors, because also in the recent past, author still likes to enter thick fat as well as make certain community-wide shake of the head, as not the very least Square Enix and also Ubisoft with their NFT advancements have actually verified.

Nearly all of the well-known authors have currently made remarkable spoken slips-statements that led the of any substance, situation understanding or truth web content and also ultimately to partly typhoon crap tornados.

In this image series we show you seven declarations by authors who have made high waves because of their unreasonable bullshit element:

Property tax declaration 2022 without Elster: Alternative not possible for everyone

The new property tax in 2022 currently employs many people. But the Tax Portal Elster causes problems. Not everyone can use an alternative.

Hamm/Dortmund-Millions of owners are frustrated these days: to determine the property tax value, you have to submit an explanation to the tax office and will be confronted with a variety of error reports at the Elster tax portal.

Property Tax Declaration 2022 at Elster: Tax portal ensures frustration

Complicated and susceptible to errors-this is the conclusion of the property tax recording of many users. For some of them, however, there is an alternative an online service that is significantly simplified.

The property tax must be recalculated according to a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court. Millions of house, housing and property owners must therefore submit a kind of second tax return by the end of October at the latest. The forms in the Elster tax portal ensure frustration. This is unfinished crap, says Peter Becker from NRW.


Property Tax 2022: Fill out the forms without a Elster? Simple alternative

Good news: Some of those affected can fall back on an alternative to Elster. The Federal Ministry of Finance offers an online service that tailored to standard cases of private owners and thus-quote-is significantly simplified compared to Elster, reports

Property tax return for private property is specially developed for private individuals who have simple ownership, the website continues. This generally includes:

Alternative to Elster for the property tax return for people with private property

Eleven federal states take part, including North Rhine-Westphalia. If you are unsure whether the tool is suitable for your own ownership, you can test this beforehand. Six questions are asked for this. In the end it is answered whether the tool can be used in the specific case or not (more digital news at tax return).

But be careful: if you already have an Elster account, you cannot use the simplified service. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, this is not possible for technical reasons. From September at the latest, use with the Elster account will be possible, it says.

For who the tool is out of the question, you have to fall back on the Elster. Patience is currently the order of the day: Elster was down several days due to the great rush on the property tax forms. The portal now works with restrictions.

Rubric list picture: © Ulrich Wagner/Imago; Sven Simon/Imago; Collage: Sabrina Wagner/tax return

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora says goodbye at 2022 and will not accompany the movie premiere

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is delayed up to a frame that includes the years 2023 and 2024 . At first, he wFrontiers expected for some time of the remainder of 2022, especially for coinciding with the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water on December 16. The news appears after the financial results shared this July 21.

The French company blames this movement in the calendar Frontiers a reflection of the current continuous limitations of productions through the industry . We are committed to offering an experience of high fidelity and immersive that takes complete advantage of new generation technology, while this incredible global entertainment brand represents a great multiannual opportunity for Ubisoft, they conclude.

What do we know about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora?

James Cameron’s saga will soon arrive at the video game by MFrontierssive Entertainment, one of the most prominent studies of the Ubisoft catalog. The Swedish study, which hFrontiers the franchise The Division , confirmed in June 2021 its next work. We will travel to Pandora Frontiers part of an action adventure in the first person. We will live the fauna and the scenarios Frontiers diverse on the planet Frontiers if we were one more na’vi.

We know that the project will be dedicated to squeezing the capabilities of the new generation, PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna . To do this, you will use the latest version of the Snowdrop engine, its property. In this new independent story, he plays Frontiers a Na’vi and Embarcate in an adventure throughout the western border, a part never seen before Pandora, said those responsible in the official description. If you missed your revelation we encourage you to see it by clicking on this link.

On the other hand, the brand will receive another video game developed by Archosaur Games and Level Infinite. Avatar: Reckoning awaits its launch this year Frontiers MMO for Mobile devices iOS and Android .

Epic Games signed MOUs between the top virtual production companies in Korea

Epic Games has joined hands with Korea’s top virtual production companies.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Sung-Chul Park), a Korean corporation of Epic Games, which provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creative Ecosystem, is a global game developer. Methabus Content Art Tech Company Beef Studio (CEO Se-gyu Kim) and Korea’s first Virtual Production company X-On Studio (CEO Won-ik Jang) signed a business agreement (MOU) to strengthen virtual production technology and strengthen business competitiveness. It was revealed.


The agreement will further strengthen the solidarity between the four companies and go beyond mutual cooperation for technology growth and exchanges at a more practical level.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, which provides the world’s most open and progressive real-time 3D technology, is leading the innovative virtual production technology for various contents such as movies, dramas, and advertising, from previz to the latest manufacturing technology, In camera VFX..

Dexter Studio has recently completed the filming of Kim Yong-hwa’s new film [The Moon], which recorded a double-10 million audience score, at Dexter’s D1 Studio. The techniques of four companies will be applied to the original [Hairdoga] and [the only daughter of the emperor].

BCSTIOS is an AI-based meta bus content art tech company, which is an original story of BTS agency Hive and collaborated with BTS [7fates: Chakho] (Dark Moon: The Altar of the Moon), Tomorrow Bai Together Original Story [Boys Chasing Stars] Story Films were introduced as Virtual Production Technology of Verb Studio.

X-on is also the first Virtual Studio in Korea, and is performing various genres of projects such as the Netflix drama [Boy Judge] and Advertisement [Hyundai Motors Staria World Premier].

In relation to the Alliance signing, four representatives said, We want to create a new innovative achievement that will be milestones in the development of virtual contents while laying the foundation for Virtual Production Industry by developing collaboration through various methods in various fields in the future. Through this, we will introduce the power of the evolved K content that fits the full-fledged multi-bus era and strengthen its status.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism predicted that the domestic market in 2022 was expected to be 11.7 trillion won, and it would grow about five times compared to 2020. PWC, a global consulting firm, also predicted that the global market in the world will reach $ 1.75 trillion (KRW 2267.65 trillion) in 2030.

Ex-bremer Diego before end of profession

I will certainly currently take a couple of even more months to choose whether I will stop or otherwise, said the midfield planner, that won the league Cup with Bremen 2006 and also the DFB Mug in 2009, on a special Concerned press conference on Tuesday.

The previous Bundesliga professional Diego Ribas, that when became a fan favorite with techniques and also goals at Werder Bremen, has revealed completion of his gamer job in Brazil.

Articles and video clips on the subject


  • From United to Le Mans: Just how Fabien Barthez became an auto racing driver
  • All games of the Africa Mug are available real-time at

The 37-year-old maintains the option open to affix a foreign station to his account job began at CR Flamengo in December in December.

Diego had later no longer been able to improve the successes to the Weser in two visitor performances for VfL Wolfsburg and came up with an overall of 161 Bundesliga games with 57 goals. He additionally played in Europe for FC Porto, Juventus Turin, Atletico Madrid and Fenerbahce Istanbul. He ran 34 times for the Brazilian Selecao.

After years of scarcity, currently it ends up that we have excess chips

Although supplies associated with the manufacturing of high-end contemporary tools are full, the rest of the market sections proceed to stroll short, such as data facilities and also cars. Actually, TSMC has needed to redirect some sources ** to be able to meet the need in those cases, but obviously or with those they could accomplish it.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency mining , when the main semiconductor sink, has actually broken down, as well as with it the subsequent need. We have a globe situation noted by geopolitical unpredictability and rising cost of living … however that does not suggest that the scarcity is over.


This scenario can have many readings, as we have been reviewing, yet what concerns us is the perspective of our Xataka classmates, which very appropriately forecast a fascinating Black Friday for this 2022 in which the items do not So modern can be lowered exceptionally.

We had been living a severe semiconductor faces for several years, today TSMC , producer of those who use Apple, Nvidia, AMD or Qualcomm, has advised that an excess of stock is coming close to. He has stated it during a teleconference of financial lead to which, on the other hand, he has actually reported that his interannual earnings have raised even more than 76% **.

The president of TSMC, C.C. Wei, considers that this circumstance is completely affordable , considering that after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, its clients began to nurture their inventories preventively of what might occur. Thus, in the field of Smartphones and also pcs, we have actually gotten the habit of enhancing or purchasing the new tools that would accompany us daily teleworking . Now that our homemade offices are full, the demand has stagnated.

Picture | Laura Okel

FIFA 22, Solution dce Ferenc Puskas

Among the team creation obstacles (DCE) of the FIFA 22 mode, we will on a regular basis find DCE symbol with right here Ferenc Puskas, whose service right here is. The function of this DCE is consequently to win you a Ferenc Puskas Moments symbol.

Note that this challenge started on Monday July 18 at 7 p.m. Monday and also will upright Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.

Should we do this DCE?

Défi Etoile rising, the requirements.

challenges excellence, the standards.

The Puskas Prize, the requirements.

  • Liga players: minimum 1.
  • Global team note: 86.
  • Collective: minimum 65.
  • Award: a little Gamer Play Pack Pack.
  • End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Price: around 126k **.

Défi Equipe kept in mind 88, the criteria.

Défi el Pancho, the standards.

  • Totw or tots players or was champion: minimum 1.
  • Global team note: 84.
  • Collective: minimum 75.
  • Compensate: a little rare mixed playful pack.
  • End of the difficulty: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Rate: approximately 81K **.

  • Athletes of the week, toddlers or was champs: minimum 1.

  • Global team note: 86.
  • Collective: minimum 60.
  • Reward: a mixed playful pack pack.
  • End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Price: roughly 128k **.

Défi Equipe kept in mind 89, the standards.

  • Rare cards: minimal 11.
  • Cards quality: exactly bronze.
  • Collective: minimum 50.
  • Reward: an unusual 2 gold gamers pack.
  • End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Cost: regarding 8k **.

Défi Equipe kept in mind 89, the standards.

Tale difficulty born, the criteria.

Our solutions are instances of training permitting you to make these DCEs at the most affordable rate as feasible without having the cards. It is obviously feasible to make these difficulties with various other cards. Be cautious because the total price of these solutions can advance (down and also upwards) over time.

  • Global team note: 89.
  • Collective: minimum 40.
  • Compensate: a Mega pack.
  • End of the difficulty: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Price: around 257K **.

Championship legend challenge, the requirements.

The services to DCE icon will certainly always be extremely expensive because the icon cards are truly unique on FIFA. Anticipate to have to do a whole lot of challenges. Here, no surprise with a DCE Ferenc Puskas Moments instead well placed degree cost (contrasted to its card on the market). Our remedies are examples of training enabling you to make these DCEs at the least expensive price as possible without having the cards. It is certainly feasible to make these challenges with other cards.

  • Unusual cards: minimal 11.
  • Cards top quality: exactly money.
  • Collective: minimal 50.
  • Compensate: an uncommon 2 gold gamers pack.
  • End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Price: regarding 9k **.

  • Global team note: 88.

  • Collective: minimum 50.
  • Award: a little uncommon gold players pack.
  • End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Rate: approximately 225K **.

  • Referral: Yes but taking your time

  • Probable credit rating gain? Nope .
  • Overall expense of the DCE: concerning 1.3 m .

  • Athletes of the week, kids or was champions: minimum 1.

  • Global team note: 89.
  • Collective: minimum 35.
  • Reward: an uncommon players pack.
  • End of the challenge: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Cost: around 256k **.

  • Global team note: 87.

  • Collective: minimal 55.
  • Reward: a rare combined spirited pack.
  • End of the challenge: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Cost: around 165k **.

Our training programs for the option to DCE Ferenc Puskas were accomplished with the team creator of Futbin (in English).

Défi Equipe noted 87, the standards.

You can locate the full list of the different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 setting on our list of active team creation obstacles. Additionally, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

  • Actual Madrid gamers: minimum 1.
  • Global team note: 85.

* Collective: minimum 70.
* Compensate: a costs mixed lively pack.
* End of the obstacle: Tuesday September 20 at 7 p.m.| Cost: approximately 104K **.

The remedies to DCE symbol will certainly constantly be extremely costly considering that the icon cards are truly unique on FIFA. Anticipate to have to do a great deal of difficulties. Right here, no shock with a DCE Ferenc Puskas Moments instead well placed level price (contrasted to its card on the market).

Dusk Falls Dusk Falls and Watch Dogs 2, among the new Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games for July 2022

The lDusk Fallst wave of Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games will not take too long to see the light. The American company hDusk Falls announced a list six new titles, which will be available throughout this week. One of the most interesting additions is Dusk Falls , a narrative cutting video game that will arrive at stores the same day Dusk Falls at the service.

Xbox Game PDusk Fallss Ultimate subscribers will have access to Watch Dogs 2 , Dusk Falls part of Ubisoft video games that are added for the enjoyment of subscribers. More games? Do not miss the complete list:

all the new games of July 2022

  • Dusk Falls Dusk Falls (cloud, console and PC) — July 9
  • Dusk Fallshes of Singularity: Escallation (PC) [email protected] —19 July
  • Watch Dogs 2 (Cloud, Console and PC) — July 9
  • MotoGP (cloud, console and PC) — July 21
  • Torment: Tides of Numenara (Cloud and console) — July 21

Games adapted to tactile controls

  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Disc Room
  • Academy Escape
  • Garden Story
  • Little Witch in The Woods (Game Preview)
  • Lost in Random

* Umurangi Generation
* Yakuza 0
* Yakuza Kiwami
* Yakuza Kiwami 2
* Dusk Falls Dusk Falls-Available on July 19

Among the video games that have arrived in July are Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, LDusk Fallst Call BBS, Djmax respect V, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships, Road 96, Escape Academy, My Friend Peppa Pig Pig, Overwhelm, Paw Patrol The Movie or PowerwDusk Fallsh Simulator.

Games that leave Xbox Game PDusk Fallss

You still have time to play the titles that appear on the list we offer below, since will leave the Xbox Game PDusk Fallss service on August 31.

  • Dodgeball Academy (cloud, console and PC)
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (cloud, console and PC)
  • Lumines RemDusk Fallstered (cloud, console and PC)
  • OMNO (cloud, console and PC)
  • Raji: An ancient epic (cloud, console and pc)

Read here Dusk Falls Dusk Falls analysis.

Can I develop apps like carrot markets with no code and low code?

Can you release applications like carrot markets and toss with no-cord and low code (LCNC)?

How much does it cost to build a smart factory with only LCNC without a developer?

A domestic no-code platform developer has received an inquiry from a customer.

In recent years, more and more companies are encouraging them to create a business application or to solve IT problems. In some cases, there are also movements to develop applications for customer service or try to turn digital conversion (DX).

However, IT experts point out that it is not suitable for excessive dependence on LCNC tools without internalizing IT capabilities. It is explained that there is a clear limit as it is designed as an auxiliary tool for helping IT work.

A representative of the domestic no-code platform said, Obviously, if you use LCNC, you can create applications without going through developers, which can increase productivity or make digital conversion. If you use it without use, you can see the counterproduction.

■ LCNC suitable for easy and fast development, complex development is counterproductive

No code is a development tool that supports simple structures and usage methods for people who do not receive programming training, such as office staff, to make and use their desired applications. Like Lego Block, it is a method of implementing the desired application by combining the template in advance.

Low code adds a simple code to the no-code platform to add autonomy to the development by adding functions not supported by the development tool.

The two development tools aim to quickly and simply implement the functions or applications needed for work. It is mainly used for simple tasks such as receipt classification and data input, and it is gradually expanding its use.

However, if you need to add a lot of functions or need a large load, you need to have an application for customer service, complex calculation, or create new features.

We are increasingly inquiring that the recent UI of popular services such as carrot markets can be implemented and imported. I need a phosphorus base, but I don’t consider this.

This application is a small service possible, but we must inform you that there will be a lot of difficulties in the future. I recommend it.

■ Lack of development knowledge, loopholes that do not come from

Applications made with LCNC are likely to occur as much as they are used by practitioners, not professional development teams.

If the cyber attack is on the rise, if you do not know where there is a security vulnerability, it can lead to a crisis.

Last year, major US institutions and private companies have caused a temporary exposure to personal information. In the process of creating an application with a no-code platform, we set the sensitivity data that needs to be set private by the practitioner’s mistake.

In addition, if the application information is not properly shared in the company, several applications with similar functions can be created at the same time, which can be wasteful.

To prevent this, a platform and a professional manager are needed to visualize and manage all application information created by practitioners to use no code efficiently.

An industry official said, The most important part of the recent development field is security and personal information management. However, there is a need for continuous education and monitoring because it is not easy to understand what is important unless you are a developer.

■ It is impossible for all employees to participate in the development of LCNC

The LCNC platform provides non-developers with opportunities to participate in development. But not anyone can create a good application.

Even if the entry barrier is lowered using LCNC, the number of employees that can be used is limited.

An industry official said, Anyone can use a pencil, but it is necessary to practice to draw well, and to be an artist, it is a requirement of talent. did.

It is stable to select employees who want LCNS tools to apply to TF units in order to introduce them smoothly, and to expand the scope of use. We must provide it.

Some are also concerned about the burden of work given to practitioners. This is because existing tasks remain intact and add development tasks.

As a result, unlike executives who are considering the introduction of LCNC, there are cases where practitioners have difficulty in introducing.

The related industry recommends enough compensation as it is given development. If there are practical employees who have increased development volume and talent for development, they also proposed a plan to prepare separate positions.

It is true that the LCNC platform is becoming commonplace recently, but if you introduce it without planning, it may be worse than it is not used. It is emphasized.

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