Today there was a large leak on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and the next part of Call of Duty from the developer Treyarch. It is interesting that this information was found in Alfa-Build files of the upcoming mobile Warzone, which was tested for invited users.

Some datamaire participants, including Twitter user under the nickname Realityuk, managed to find details about weapons, perks and cards in the future Modern Warfare 2. It is worth considering that some of them have code names.

  • Macro-rifles: Akilo, Kilo53, Kilo74, Kilo105, Mcharlie, McBravo, M4, SCHARLIE, SCHOTEL, FALPHA, FECHO, AUG, STG A3;
  • Sniper rifles: LM-S, SA700, AX-50;
  • Lachmann Sub, Alpha57, Beta, Victor, Aviktor, PSDW 50, MPAPAX, SAKIN 9, LMP;
  • Shotgun: Bryson 800, Mike1014, Mkviktor, Lockwood 725;
  • Machine guns (LMG): Raal, Ahotel, Foxtrot, Bruen MK9, Ngolf7, Rkilo, Mkilo3, Kilo21;
  • Pistols: X12, Revive Pistol,.50 GS, Papa220, SiwhiskeyLaunchers: Mike203, RPG7, Pila, JOKR, Strela-P;
  • Perki: amped, Engineer, Restock, Ghost, High Alert, Overkill, Battle Hardened, Kill Chain, Scavenger, Schrapnel, Cold-Blooded, Pitcher, E Xtra Tactical, Focus, Hustle Up, Tun Up;

* Карты: Action_park, agentperf, ancient, backstab, catedral, climb, cruce, davos, dogtown, esports gym, exhume, favela, firing range, floating bay, grandprix, killhouse, lighthouse, luxury, mountain town, narcos, oilfield, ridge, Runner, Saba, Salvage, Tokyo, Yellowcastle, Hydro, Museum, Swap Meet, Fishtown, Farm.

In addition, the previously mentioned Realityuk user shared images of several Modern Warfare 2. Below you can find them in our album. By the way, one of them, Grand Prix, has both a daily option and night.

Also, the files about the DMZ mode in the Escape from Tarkov style, which will become part of the arbitrary support of Modern Warfare 2, were found.

  • DMZ: The fourth mode for Modern Warfare 2, which will be released in the first quarter 2023;
  • Maps/locations: Fortress, Hydro, Quarry, Resort, Trapper?, Gas_Station, UAV_Tower, Train, Sam_Site;

  • Transport: Rhib (boat), SUV 1996 (SUV), JLTV (truck);
  • Tests/Mission: Gone in 60 Seconds-to be driving transport for 60 seconds within the framework of one round of DMZ; Breach and Clear-after knocking out the door for 10 seconds, kill 5 opponents under the control of AI; Dom-download data from a hard drive.

And finally, a couple of images of future cards (Pillage and Stealth) Black Ops 6 (code name) from Treyarch. Fans may noted that a fifth was missed. Perhaps she will be a free game about zombies, about which rumors also go.