There is a change for almost 9 million barmer insured in Germany. It affects the health card.

Kassel-The Barmer health insurance company is planning an innovation for its 8.7 million insured: Customers should receive the opportunity to bring their insurance card to their smartph1. Does that mean that from the health card?

Health insurance: Change of health card hits nine million insured persons

Digital identities will simplify a lot and make it safer, said a spokeswoman for the Barmer health insurance company. The insured should always have accessible and safe access to the digital services of the cash register.

This is possible via a smartphone app-and via a protected website. In this way, the Barmer customers could also access their electronic patient files, as reports.

T-Systems and ID service providers Verimi were commissioned with the elaborate digital project, the companies said. There is no information on the specific order volume. The contract runs over seven years.

Barmer health insurance: App should make conventional health card dispensable

The planned app should make conventional insured cards unnecessary-also in medical practices and other service providers. The digital identity is stored on the smartphone in a digital ID wallet, i.e. in an electronic wallet, said the Barmer spokeswoman.


The Verimi ID wallet is used as a digital storage location of the digital health card, which was approved as a safe procedure by the Federal Office of Information Technology. T-Systems then operates the service in the cloud (more digital news at card).

First health insurance creates an alternative to the health card-others could follow

The creation of a digital identity for health insured persons is legally prescribed in Germany. The basis is the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG), which came into force last year. From 2023, all health insurance companies must offer their members a secure digital solution that works equally and in addition to the electronic health card (EGK).

Verimi and T-Systems said that the solution presented was designed in such a way that other legal and private health insurance companies could also use the components as the basis of their offer.(With dpa material) _

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