Telekom with problems: Troubles threaten right here today.

  • Begin of mistake: 07.07.2022

* Standing: In Refine
* Impacted solution: Magentazuhaus Regio
* Affected links: Bremen, large parts of Lower Saxony (e.g. East Frisia), northern Westphalia

In case of disorders at Telekom, you can likewise reach by ph1. We will certainly show you exactly how this works here.

Many users of Magenta Regio still have to expect impairments today As the company creates on an assistance page, cords were damaged throughout construction work, which now call for repair. Therefore, the damage has actually currently started, but it has actually not yet been finished.

Telekom asks impacted individuals for perseverance. As quickly as there is information, you will certainly figure out on the aid web page linked over. Emphasis Online will certainly additionally adjust this short article accordingly as quickly as the disorders have actually been remedied.

Surf tips:

As the service provider composes on a help page, cable televisions were damaged during building work, which now need repair work. As a result, the damage has actually already begun, however it has not yet been completed.

As soon as there is news, you will certainly discover out on the aid page linked above.

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