[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo reporter] Game quality management (QA) and operating service company Cue Road will expand support services for blockchain games in the global market in the web 3.0 era.

Cue Road (CEO Gil Ho-woong) is a QA and electronic wallet, goods forgery, security QA, NFT transaction certification, and white paper that are optimized for blockchain technology in the global market in line with various game types such as P2E, NFT, and Metavus. The company announced on the 11th that it will provide customized service according to the platform.


In addition, through the Global Center in the Philippines to cope with the demands of various overseas companies in blockchain games, which are popular all over the world, the company plans to service in more than 20 languages, including English.

P2E game service is also highly correlated with the community, and due to its high correlation with the community, ‘Discord’ and ‘Telegram’, which are used as a communication window for many users, reduce the burden on game developers and reduce the burden of game developers by supporting Discord Bot and 24-hour telegram. Support to increase.

The Q-Road is already accumulating know-how about the understanding of blockchain technology based on platform service experiences such as WeMix and ISCRA, said Chang Nam-yong. Through the center, we are strengthening the service for QA and operation in the global market.