One of the companies that defined a genre of video games was Quantic Dream , who decided to give a more cinematic approach to present extensive stories that do not fit in just two hours. Also, they were known for launching exclusive titles for PlayStation, something that was lost after Detroit: Become Human and now we already know the reason behind the term of collaboration.

This is what the company’s founder commented, David Cage , regarding his partners:

The collaboration with PlayStation was wonderful, when we started working with them we were a very small study. We talked about the moment we started working in Heavy Rain, back in 2007. And they have been incredibly good with us, they gave us all the creative freedom we wanted, supported the projects for twelve years and has been an incredible trip together. We are very proud of everything we have achieved together… Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, none of these games would have been possible without their support.

At the same time there is a point after twelve years of collaboration in which we also have desires and concerns to do different things. First we think of going with our games to the territory of Cross-Patform. We thought it would be great to be able to reach more people than users who have a PS. We wanted to explore different types of games and different things, in addition to doing more than one game at a time, a desire for the team itself, could realize the ton of ideas they had.

There is also a time that you think, ‘we have been working with editors for 20 years and they take financial risks when they support your project. They put the money on the table and if the game does not succeed they lose. Therefore, it is fair that they take most of the cake ’, and we reached a moment when we thought that, perhaps, we also wanted to invest that money and have all the cake for us.

Given this, the team confirms that it was a risk that the director took, but from the entire team and its financial interests. So it can be summarized, that Quantic Dream decided to become independent to have more creative freedom. In addition to the possibility of creating more video games simultaneously.