Can you release applications like carrot markets and toss with no-cord and low code (LCNC)?

How much does it cost to build a smart factory with only LCNC without a developer?

A domestic no-code platform developer has received an inquiry from a customer.

In recent years, more and more companies are encouraging them to create a business application or to solve IT problems. In some cases, there are also movements to develop applications for customer service or try to turn digital conversion (DX).

However, IT experts point out that it is not suitable for excessive dependence on LCNC tools without internalizing IT capabilities. It is explained that there is a clear limit as it is designed as an auxiliary tool for helping IT work.

A representative of the domestic no-code platform said, Obviously, if you use LCNC, you can create applications without going through developers, which can increase productivity or make digital conversion. If you use it without use, you can see the counterproduction.

■ LCNC suitable for easy and fast development, complex development is counterproductive

No code is a development tool that supports simple structures and usage methods for people who do not receive programming training, such as office staff, to make and use their desired applications. Like Lego Block, it is a method of implementing the desired application by combining the template in advance.

Low code adds a simple code to the no-code platform to add autonomy to the development by adding functions not supported by the development tool.

The two development tools aim to quickly and simply implement the functions or applications needed for work. It is mainly used for simple tasks such as receipt classification and data input, and it is gradually expanding its use.

However, if you need to add a lot of functions or need a large load, you need to have an application for customer service, complex calculation, or create new features.

We are increasingly inquiring that the recent UI of popular services such as carrot markets can be implemented and imported. I need a phosphorus base, but I don’t consider this.

This application is a small service possible, but we must inform you that there will be a lot of difficulties in the future. I recommend it.

■ Lack of development knowledge, loopholes that do not come from

Applications made with LCNC are likely to occur as much as they are used by practitioners, not professional development teams.

If the cyber attack is on the rise, if you do not know where there is a security vulnerability, it can lead to a crisis.

Last year, major US institutions and private companies have caused a temporary exposure to personal information. In the process of creating an application with a no-code platform, we set the sensitivity data that needs to be set private by the practitioner’s mistake.

In addition, if the application information is not properly shared in the company, several applications with similar functions can be created at the same time, which can be wasteful.

To prevent this, a platform and a professional manager are needed to visualize and manage all application information created by practitioners to use no code efficiently.

An industry official said, The most important part of the recent development field is security and personal information management. However, there is a need for continuous education and monitoring because it is not easy to understand what is important unless you are a developer.

■ It is impossible for all employees to participate in the development of LCNC

The LCNC platform provides non-developers with opportunities to participate in development. But not anyone can create a good application.

Even if the entry barrier is lowered using LCNC, the number of employees that can be used is limited.

An industry official said, Anyone can use a pencil, but it is necessary to practice to draw well, and to be an artist, it is a requirement of talent. did.

It is stable to select employees who want LCNS tools to apply to TF units in order to introduce them smoothly, and to expand the scope of use. We must provide it.

Some are also concerned about the burden of work given to practitioners. This is because existing tasks remain intact and add development tasks.

As a result, unlike executives who are considering the introduction of LCNC, there are cases where practitioners have difficulty in introducing.

The related industry recommends enough compensation as it is given development. If there are practical employees who have increased development volume and talent for development, they also proposed a plan to prepare separate positions.

It is true that the LCNC platform is becoming commonplace recently, but if you introduce it without planning, it may be worse than it is not used. It is emphasized.