Epic Games has joined hands with Korea’s top virtual production companies.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Sung-Chul Park), a Korean corporation of Epic Games, which provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creative Ecosystem, is a global game developer. Methabus Content Art Tech Company Beef Studio (CEO Se-gyu Kim) and Korea’s first Virtual Production company X-On Studio (CEO Won-ik Jang) signed a business agreement (MOU) to strengthen virtual production technology and strengthen business competitiveness. It was revealed.


The agreement will further strengthen the solidarity between the four companies and go beyond mutual cooperation for technology growth and exchanges at a more practical level.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, which provides the world’s most open and progressive real-time 3D technology, is leading the innovative virtual production technology for various contents such as movies, dramas, and advertising, from previz to the latest manufacturing technology, In camera VFX..

Dexter Studio has recently completed the filming of Kim Yong-hwa’s new film [The Moon], which recorded a double-10 million audience score, at Dexter’s D1 Studio. The techniques of four companies will be applied to the original [Hairdoga] and [the only daughter of the emperor].

BCSTIOS is an AI-based meta bus content art tech company, which is an original story of BTS agency Hive and collaborated with BTS [7fates: Chakho] (Dark Moon: The Altar of the Moon), Tomorrow Bai Together Original Story [Boys Chasing Stars] Story Films were introduced as Virtual Production Technology of Verb Studio.

X-on is also the first Virtual Studio in Korea, and is performing various genres of projects such as the Netflix drama [Boy Judge] and Advertisement [Hyundai Motors Staria World Premier].

In relation to the Alliance signing, four representatives said, We want to create a new innovative achievement that will be milestones in the development of virtual contents while laying the foundation for Virtual Production Industry by developing collaboration through various methods in various fields in the future. Through this, we will introduce the power of the evolved K content that fits the full-fledged multi-bus era and strengthen its status.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism predicted that the domestic market in 2022 was expected to be 11.7 trillion won, and it would grow about five times compared to 2020. PWC, a global consulting firm, also predicted that the global market in the world will reach $ 1.75 trillion (KRW 2267.65 trillion) in 2030.