The new property tax in 2022 currently employs many people. But the Tax Portal Elster causes problems. Not everyone can use an alternative.

Hamm/Dortmund-Millions of owners are frustrated these days: to determine the property tax value, you have to submit an explanation to the tax office and will be confronted with a variety of error reports at the Elster tax portal.

Property Tax Declaration 2022 at Elster: Tax portal ensures frustration

Complicated and susceptible to errors-this is the conclusion of the property tax recording of many users. For some of them, however, there is an alternative an online service that is significantly simplified.

The property tax must be recalculated according to a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court. Millions of house, housing and property owners must therefore submit a kind of second tax return by the end of October at the latest. The forms in the Elster tax portal ensure frustration. This is unfinished crap, says Peter Becker from NRW.


Property Tax 2022: Fill out the forms without a Elster? Simple alternative

Good news: Some of those affected can fall back on an alternative to Elster. The Federal Ministry of Finance offers an online service that tailored to standard cases of private owners and thus-quote-is significantly simplified compared to Elster, reports

Property tax return for private property is specially developed for private individuals who have simple ownership, the website continues. This generally includes:

Alternative to Elster for the property tax return for people with private property

Eleven federal states take part, including North Rhine-Westphalia. If you are unsure whether the tool is suitable for your own ownership, you can test this beforehand. Six questions are asked for this. In the end it is answered whether the tool can be used in the specific case or not (more digital news at tax return).

But be careful: if you already have an Elster account, you cannot use the simplified service. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, this is not possible for technical reasons. From September at the latest, use with the Elster account will be possible, it says.

For who the tool is out of the question, you have to fall back on the Elster. Patience is currently the order of the day: Elster was down several days due to the great rush on the property tax forms. The portal now works with restrictions.

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