Yoshimoto Kogyo’s game service FANY GAMES has announced that the party game Super Noda Game WORLD has been released on July 28, and has also released the official website.

This work is a party game developed by Kayak’s game creator Hiroyuki Goto by Kayak’s game creator Hiroyuki Goto. It has been announced that the release date is July 28, but since it has been revealed that it is still under production as the development of the development team is a major premise, the release date is successfully announced. Is confirmed.

As a lineup, Shadow Bath tribute Ikasama card game Evil Bath and Shogi III following Shogi II, which appeared as the latest work after 1,000 years in the previous work. It is a super interesting game collection that contains many unique works such as you don’t have to gather forcibly to enjoy.

In addition, Chidori Nobu, who also invests and appears as the protagonist of Shin-NOBU ~, also responded on his Twitter account, I’m finally waiting! Shin-NOBU- is an action in which Nobu, who has lost his way into a different world, defeats the enemy with a large sword. It is.

Super Noda Game WORLD will be released on July 28 for 1,600 yen for Nintendo Switch.