Launched on November 10 on several platforms, the 7th component of the popular Japanese franchise marks a new direction for the series, leaving its more traditional roots of action brawler for an approach to RPG de fête au turn.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon, who has already been launched in Japan, presents a new protagonist in Ichiban Kasuga-a charismatic game fan of the old school that begins the game thoroughly. The players will follow Ichiban as he gets up, making friends and enemies in a spectacular way.

Designed as entertainment intended for a mature audience, the Like A Dragon classes system offers 19 unique jobs, such as musician or chef, who are all accompanied by several outfits and play differently. The game includes a multitude of mini-games, from recycling to karting, as well as an in-depth business management sub-section in which Ichiban takes up a confectionery company in bankruptcy and makes it a prosperous company by recruiting managers and fighting against shareholders!

Like A Dragon seems to be the biggest Western launch of the Yakuza series to date, coming out on all the consoles of the current generation on the same date as the Xbox Series X | S launch. Microsoft’s new generation consoles will offer an intelligent upgrade for players who have the game on Xbox One, while PS5 owners will have to wait until March 2, 2021 to buy the autonomous game or receive a free download S ‘ They had already bought a digital copy for PS4. SEGA spares no expenditure to reach the widest possible public, with a distribution of voice comprising the game also includes dubbing of dynamic actors, including the legend of Star Trek, George Takei.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon seems to be a breath of fresh air for long-standing fans of the series, as well as an excellent entry point for newcomers. With a lot of free launch content promised, there has never been a better time to dive into the eccentric world of Yakuza.

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