The video game industry is diverse, and the productions of video games that are found can be true masterpieces or totally chaotic experiences. Today we are going to talk to you about a game that belongs to this second category, a hidden jewel that is also fun.

Squirrel with a gun

This is the name of the game that, as its name indicates, allows players to embody a squirrel… Equipped with a gun! The choice of weapons is very diverse and the small mammal can shoot with a 9 mm, a UZI or even a machine gun.

The objective of the game is quite simple, but it is what makes video game production original. According to the Steam Squirrel with page, the goal is to commit as many crimes and crimes as possible , without being caught by agents.

Like a real squirrel, the protagonist of the game can use his natural talents to climb the trees and Explore the residential area from a new angle. It is also possible to interact with the residents of the area, with the aim of helping them… or stealing them. Remember, the goal is to complete as many crimes as possible!

What makes the game so interesting is the fact that is incredibly realistic . It is almost like seeing a real squirrel, and physics (the fact that it flees with the weapon due to the setback) is perfect.

Careful development


Although both production and its plot seem totally chaotic, its development has been more than thorough. In fact, it became under Unreal Engine 5 , which allowed the squirrel to be given its fur and its realistic movements. It was last May that the first images of the project were announced, presenting the famous small mammal in a neutral zone, and giving the players an idea of production.

The developer de Squirrel with a gun Daniel deentremont even closely studied the animal’s movements to be able to recreate them perfectly in the game. In a tweet, he wrote:Mammals such as squirrels, rats and ferrets benefit from a small flexion of the column when turning _. Like De Dentemont he had taken his work very seriously.

Thanks to the hard work of his developer, el title will see soon The light in a more or less complete version (at least with a developed environment), and players can vent against agents and other neighbors.