Multiversus is one of the ** star games this summer. superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Still in open beta, The game is already beating all records , and is one of the most viewed productions on Twitch. But while a week ago the arrival of Morty to Multiversus was delayed, it was that of another highly anticipated character that has simply been canceled.

cannot pass…

It all started some time ago, when experienced data miners made a great discovery among the game files: Gandalf would be in the game! In the characters design documents, screenshots of the gray magician had been found (Then white), what most or less prove your arrival to success.

Reminder: Warner teams had not formalized anything, much less an arrival date for the character.

However, a few weeks after the launch of the open beta, the ** players still do not have news from Gandalf. Rings had disappeared…

Therefore, the Magician has mysteriously disappeared and theories about his disappearance abound. A Reddit user with the name of @hgeeakeractually, who leaked the very existence of the game several months ago, blamed Tolkien Estate.

Is the fault of Tolkien Estate?

In everything that concerns intellectual property and the use of the contents related to Tolkien’s works (such as the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit in which we find our beloved Gandalf), it is Tolkien Estate who decides. They can thus grant exploitation rights to a company… or not.

According to a filtrator, in reality, it would be Tolkien Estate who would have determined that Gandalf did not appear in the Warner game. However, the magician has appeared many times in several video game productions, and **

In any case, the character has never really been formalized by Warner’s teams, and it is possible that Gandalf has never been part of the Multiversus fighters. On the contrary, it is also possible for Tolkien to be canceled the rights contract, or that the game developers simply transferred the data from the characters to another place, to maintain surprise , who knows?