Furthermore, there is for that reason the error that the steps of the opponents can not be heard, and also the improperly presented positions, regarding which the neighborhood already grumbled in the last period.

This week, the developers of Respawn Home entertainment started with pursued the 14th season of the free playable Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends.

After Workshop lately needed to endure the accusation that insufficient versus the technical problems with which Apex Legends continues to struggle, the neighborhood grumbles concerning further errors for the begin of the brand-new period. On the one hand, it can happen that the players as well as gamers increase in the rank of their Battle Pass, but do not receive the associated incentives.

capabilities of the tales are blended

Nevertheless, according to the influenced gamers, the bug, which can guarantee that the abilities of the tales are exchanged. Horizon unexpectedly has the skills of Newcastle, while Ash can teleport or open a black market like Loba.

From the official side it is stated that the errors are currently analyzed and at ideal remedied asap. Regardless of whatever, the current growth of water on the mills of doubters, which accused respawn enjoyment, should only be transferred to the in-game store, and also called the boycott of Apex Legends or the brand-new period.

Apex Legends is available for the computer, PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendos Change.

Resource: Gamefront/EA Aid

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