Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung-hyun) announced on the 12th that the rhythm dance game ‘Audition’ will show ‘mouse mode’ to the user.

According to the audition, unlike the existing method of entering the keyboard’s direction key according to the arrow, ‘Mouse Mode’ is a method of acquiring a score by moving the rhythm ball displayed on the screen with a mouse to match the note.

In particular, you can showcase a wonderful dance with easy operation that shakes the mouse in the finish section, so you can enjoy a dance party with all beginners to masters.

The mouse mode is a new manipulation content that follows the guitar mode. In the case of guitar mode, using the ‘audition-only guitar controller’ can make you feel like playing actual guitar.

The audition has been studying content that can easily feel new hands without a dedicated controller, and has developed a mode that utilizes the mouse of most PC users. The developers have been thinking about the various control methods that can be operated by the mouse, and the most easy operation method is introduced.

The audition will be held in the mouse mode update on the 25th to commemorate the ‘Mouse Mode’ update, and will be able to play the event of ‘SHAKE ~ IT Shake ~ IT’ event in the summer mouse mode.

An official of Hanbitsoft said, Users who have loved auditions for a long time through mouse mode will provide new pleasure, and the first users to encounter the first time to provide fun from the existing rhythm game. I will make it an audition for user-friendly operation.