The collaboration of Dragon Ball Super will soon arrive at Fortnite . In this news we tell you When the objects come of Dragon Ball A Fortnite seBall Superon 3 , including date and time:

When does Dragon Ball Super arrive at Fortnite? Dates and schedules

According to Fortnite’s official Twitter account, the collaboration of Dragon Ball Super reaches the game with patch 21.40, which will be available from 16/08/2022 at 10:00 a.m. CEST . Just below we leave you a list of dates and schedules for different countries and Spanish speech regions:

Spain * (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 10: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.
Spain (Canary Islands): 09: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.
Argentina , Brazil and Uruguay : 05: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.
Bolivia *, Chile , Cuba , Dominican Republic and Venezuela : 04: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.
Ecuador , Colombia , Mexico , Panama and Peru : 03: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.
Costa Rica , El Salvador , Guatemala , HondurBall Super , Nicaragua : 02: 00h on Tuesday, August 16.

However, we already know what all the content of collaboration will be because it hBall Super leaked. There will be Goku Skins, Vegeta, Bulma and Bills/Beerus, many thematic objects, and even Dragon Ball areBall Super that will arrive on the island of Fortnite . Dragon Ball Super Missions will also arrive at Fortnite SeBall Superon 3.


In order to enjoy all this content of the game, you will have to log in to Fortnite from the dates and hours indicated previously (depending on your region), download the patch 21.40 , and wait for some more time to end the maintenance of the servers, which is usually one or two hours.

In our Fortnite guide we tell you everything necessary to succeed in seBall Superon 3, including where all the characters are, or how to complete all missions.