Tower of Fantasy has many vehicles on which you can travel along the AID planet. Some can be earned by the plot or as a reward, but some need to be collected from details. This is the Voyager, and one important part is the Voyager engine. This can make you ask how to get Voyager engine at Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock Voyager engine in Tower of Fantasy

The Voyager is a vehicle that you can get at Tower of Fantasy. You will need four details: Voyager Truster , Voyajer engine, Voyajer case and Voyajer Office station. You can earn Voyager Thruster by defeating the enemies of Four Power and getting it as prey. This is an extremely rare drop, so its receipt may take some time.

where to find four forces in Tower of Fantasy

You can find all the enemies of Four Power around Navia Bay in Navia. They are often surrounded by other enemies and are quite complex. But you must be able to easily pull them out if you are at least 25 level . This is where you can find Four Power Okka, Four Power Smoli, Four Power Hethlu and Four Power Sendyrs in Tower of Fantasy.

all locations of four forces in Tower of Fantasy

You can find them in places noted red stars higher. The best way to farm four forces is to make loop around the bay and defeat them. When you start the cycle again, all enemies should be revived inside. Five minutes that allows you to quickly remove them.

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