Hit 2 chose a very different line from its predecessor. Unlike the action RPG hit, he chose MMORPG, supported cross-platforms, and made a siege that had not been in the first episode. The most amazing part is that the game has been promoting creator support as a core content before the game was released. In particular, the creator has created a system that can be sponsored directly in the game, not the broadcasting platform.

Many gamers are curious about the direction of Hit 2. How to inherit IP identity, what are the characteristics of the siege, and why are you focusing on creator sponsorship? Game Mecca met with Nexon Games Park Young-sik PD, Kim Eui-hyun, and Nexon Development Management Team Park Hyun-chul.

Q. Why did you choose the new IP as a hit?

Park Young-sik PD (hereinafter referred to as Park Young-sik) : Sudden Attack and Hit are the most important IP at Nexon Games. As the hit ended the service, there was an atmosphere of showing a hit in an internally. So I prepared the hit 2 faster and more closely.

Q. What feedback came out in the pre-test?

Park Young-sik : I conducted an in-house test twice, and the good feedback was about the PC version. In this work, I wanted to see the difference between the PC and the mobile model. To this end, we have used graphic resources more to show differentiated graphics on your PC. Instead, on mobile, it is clearly concerned about optimization so that the game can be played without heat or seamlessness. Thus, the rendering technology applied between the two models is different and the overall atmosphere is quite different.

It was pointed out that the disadvantage was that it was faithful to showcase field content in the in-house test preparation stage, so there was a lot of discrimination in the genre. This is likely to be filled with siege warfare and unveiled contents such as the tuner’s altar. In particular, developers are interested in the altar of the coordinator.

Q. The game can feel the sequel to the hit overall?

Park Young-sik : There are things that make the hit look like a hit, and among them, ‘Let’s save this’ was the link and the cancer. I thought to show the IP wide for the rest of the items. The characters originally appeared in the form of time passed, or showing only the original painting in the previous work.

Q. The altar of the coordinator who enacts the server rules by voting by users may seem interesting, but there may be side effects such as voting rights transactions. Are you considering these parts?

Park Young-sik : After testing this system, I saw two flow. One is the agenda that the users of the no-pay users will be safe, and the other was the agenda that could continue to be enjoyed in the top. If these parts were decided only as heads, it seemed to be adopted only the obvious agenda, and I thought it would be possible to make interesting decisions if the transaction entered the voting rights. It is predicted that if you move attention to the goods that you sell and acquire the voting rights, you will be able to create new trends, discussions and discussions in decision making. Of course, there are many predictions about whether the voting rights will be sold internally.

Q. What will the side effects of the workplace user intervene in voting?

Park Young-sik : The workplace issue is preparing to actively defend through the Nexon Group AI-based search system. The workplace will also find the way as much as our efforts, but we are trying to minimize the intervention factors by actively searching and responding. We will try to show the information to users as soon as possible.

Q. How is the paid content of Hit 2 configured?

Park Young-sik : BM has a class and a pet draw. However, two types of accessories are included in the launch BM. When I bought a season pass and spent about 50,000 won in the month, I thought about the best price. The cost of reinforcement, such as the cost of reinforcement, really prepared hard to avoid crossing the line. The packages that are released at the start of the game are also being prepared in the form of minimizing it.

Q. Is there a collection or collection?

Kim Eui-hyun : Item, class, and pet collections are available. It seems to take 30% of the total growth factors.

Q. What is the update plan?

Park Young-sik : Once you are preparing, you will explain the character gifts that were introduced at the end of September. At the end of November, I will add world server content.

Regarding the support of creators

Q. Why did you allow creators to support in the game?

Park Young-sik : I wanted to take advantage of the positive effects of the creator’s activities. MMORPG had a hardcore side, but I thought that the fun of seeing the union of the alliance through the guild alliance was significantly increased, and I thought not to exclude the creators at the center. However, I also thought that it would be right to support the creator for competing for the fun. So, while eliminating this, players were able to support them directly to help the creators.

Q. How does the creator make a profit? Is there any conflict with the current law?

Park Young-sik : Creators can register with very minimal qualifications. If the user sees a creator and makes a sponsorship payment, the point is accumulated in the creator as much as the specified value. However, since there are many issues such as a refund of sponsorship, the creator can exchange points after a certain period of time.

Q. The benefits are concentrated on the creator, are there any benefits for the patrons?

Park Young-sik : If you give benefits, you may be forced to support it. Regardless of whether or not it is sponsored, we are preparing for coupons that can be entered when we just start broadcasting or to see people who need help.

Q. In general, large creators are a favorable structure, which may adversely affect. Is there any preparation?

Park Young-sik : It is recognized that people who are recognized and popular can be advantageous. However, it could not be a penalty to those people. We are thinking about how to support small and medium-sized creators.

Q. There are many dissatisfaction with users about large game companies supporting game broadcasters for charging costs. What is the hit 2?

Park Young-sik : (Such) Never. It will never be during the service.

** Q. The creator sponsorship program takes place for 3 months, but if the user response is not good, will it be abolished?

Park Young-sik : I haven’t been deeply worried about that, but if everyone says like that, it seems to be abolished.

Q. I’m worried that the game will go around for creators. How to prevent this?

Park Young-sik : A lot of questions and suggestions are received through the ‘Adventurer’s Letter’ operated by the official forum. Even after the launch, I will communicate based on the stories received through the channel. The opinions delivered through this can be confirmed systematically. Communication through creators is not yet considered. The most important thing is that it will be the opinion received through the ‘Letter of the Adventurer’.

Regarding siege warfare

Q. He said he could enjoy the siege from the beginning. I want to know how growth time is considered.

Director Kim Eui-hyun (hereinafter referred to as Kim Eui-hyun) : If you develop a game with the end content, you may have a longer period of time. So I thought I should make a siege and release it in advance. Of course, the siege may not be activated from the beginning. Low level users can go up or go up or monopolize them. To this end, we have prepared a system that can be coordinated until the siege is held and rolled smoothly.

Q. The siege and the union are formed by the leadership of large guilds, but I want to know how the problems that arise will be solved.

Kim Eui-hyun : I thought it was possible to do some midnight action through the ‘Tuner’s Altar’. For example, if you do not allow PK to proceed in a specific channel through the ‘Tuner’s Altar’, it will be difficult to control the user of the giant guild.

Q. There are magic barrier gimmicks in the siege, and I am curious about the detailed explanation.

Park Young-sik : Magic Ball is an important key point in the whole siege. I tried a siege with a crash between characters, but it was a bit uncomfortable when I was fighting in the field. So there was a collision in the field. Instead, the siege thought it was necessary to control gimmicks, so I put character collisions and magic barriers.

Q. Is there an object that will overturn the situation like siege equipment?

Park Young-sik : I think the use of magic barriers is the core. When the player is concentrated in front of the barrier, the barrier defense rises, and the unique elements are put into the magic barrier in many ways. If other siege elements entered, it seemed a bit complicated.

Q. What is the size of the siege?

Park Young-sik : At the time of launch, 10 guilds can be participated at a time.
You can participate in about 5-600 people in a siege war.
If the service is stable, we will increase the size and number.


Finally, please give me a word

Kim Eui-hyun : There is a week left until the launch.
I think I have enough preparation.
Please enjoy the game.

Park Hyun-chul’s development team leader : I prepared hard under the hit name.
I will service as hard as possible.

Park Young-sik : When playing the game, the most unfortunate part is when the game is too burdensome, so you can see it to quit or play the game.
(Hit 2) I want to be a game that is not burdensome in that sense.
I want to prevent the game from stopping because the game burdens the player.