The Saints Row series has always been silly when it comes to characters customization. The restart certainly does not shy away that tradition and provides many options to create a truly unique character. We will start showing you the options for one of the most important aspects of a character. Here is our summary of All hairstyles in Saints Row and how to change your haircut.

During the first scene, at the beginning of Saints Row, your character approaches a mirror. From there, you have the opportunity to decide first about his appearance.

You will have a grid of hairstyles to work that are universal for men and women. Everything, even color, can be chosen and modified.

change hairstyle

Unlike the previous Saint Row games, changing your hair does not require visiting any type of store. This time, it simply means visiting its base. At the beginning of the game, this base will be your apartment. You simply need to go to the bedroom and interact with the mirror to be shown once again the same customization user interface of the first scene.

Later in the game, you will have access to the Church and the process will be the same. Simply enter your room and interact with the mirror. This can be done absolutely at any time that you want to change things.

All male and female hairstyles in Saints Row

As in previous games, Saints Row has a lot of different hairstyles to choose from. What is good is that each one is available for your character to equipe, which means that you can wear a great horsetail as a guy or a half shaved part sick like a woman.

We have listed them all for their convenience below.


That is all the information you need for ** All hairstyles in Saints Row and how to change your haircut. So we will update this guide if that moment comes.

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