Some Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment veterans established a new programmer workshop called Something Wicked Gamings as well as made use of the opening night live to announce a brand-new occult open-world parlor game called Wyrdsong with an intro trailer.

a couple of details were discussed

The growth of Wyrdsong is still in a really early condition, which is why you can still wait a few years for publication.

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Even if the info is still planted, Jeff Gardiner, that had actually formerly serviced After effects 76 at Bethesda for 15 years, has actually set an interview with Eurogamer . Gardiner is supported by Charles Staples, the design boss behind The External Worlds. The studio is also funded by Netease.


The two primary developers have disclosed that Wyrdsong will be located in Portugal as well as will certainly rotate around the foundation of the Knights Templar. A lot of documents appears to suggest that the Templars were established there, claimed Gardiner.

The mythological history of the Templars will certainly be lit up as well as at the same time enter into an eerily state of mind to cover the dark components, the secret society as well as the occult components of the Templars. You need to have the option of what you play and also which gender the personality will have.