League of Legends is a constantly evolving video game and does not stop improving over the years. There are times that Riot Games does not atina with the changes and generates controversy in the community. However, we must give the developer the reason in some adjustments that save us many bad drinks during the games. One of the most significant is related to the critic. The company is increasingly aggressive trying to increase the reliability of this statistic to prevent it from being so unfair. Something that has led them to introduce many new mechanics in recent times.


Luck disappears from League of Legends games

The big critical impact problem is that makes luck a decisive factor for fights . In the case of basic attacks, this situation is not particularly serious. During exchanges, the characters give so many blows that the final damage barely varies because of this statistic. However, even with these circumstances Riot Games has made great changes to items such as the infinite edge or the guynsoo fury leaf to reduce the importance of critics or, rather, increase their consistency. In this way, there is almost no difference between a lucky fight and another in which chance plays against us.

These first Riot Games changes, which reduced the additional damage achieved with the infinite edge and established more and more requirements to have it, are just a demonstration. The real problem and where developers have begun to impose a very interesting solution is on skills. In League of Legends there were many spells that can increase their damage thanks to the critic giving rise to very unfair plays. An area in which the company has made many efforts over the last months by introducing a mechanic that has become one of the most used in the entire video game.

The mechanics in question consists in adding a scaling of damage to the skills that take into account the percentage of critic. A good example is what happened in patch 12.16. The most recent update that has reached League of Legends has made, for every 4% critic, the definitive Caitlyn inflicts 1% more damage. In this way, Riot Games adds a very satisfactory scaling that does not depend at all on luck . Instead of making 25% of the time the spell, double damage, it always removes 25% more health.

The reason we dare to say that this mechanics will become more and more common is simple. In League of Legends there are a total of 15 champions whose skills improve based on the probability of critical impact . From this extensive list, a total of eight characters received the function over the last two years: Akshan, Gangplank, Lucian, Nilah, Rengar, Sivir, Tristana and Viego. Thanks to this process, Riot Games has considerably reduced the importance of fate when determining spell damage.

In fact there are only three skills that do not work as basic attacks and can make critic . The spells in question are the Q (Fulgurant blows) of Master Yi, the R (lunar vigil) of Aphelia and the E (gangplank gunpowder). There are also some exceptions such as R (Bullets) of Miss Fortune. However, the pirate throws so many waves with the final of her that the final damage is not determined by luck. Seen the data, it is evident that it is mechanical is disappearing from League of to give way to the new favorite feature of Riot Games.