Wemade will participate in the lead sponsor of the largest art fair ‘KIAF SEOUL 2022 (Korea International Art Fair)’, starting with Wemix 3.0.

Through this sponsorship, Wemade will share the world of art of various genres in Korea, including the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem centered on the WeMix 3.0. In the future, the company plans to continue various businesses and investments that can be coexisted with artists who are preparing to expand into new areas that combine authentic arts as well as blockchain technology.

‘Kaf Seoul’ will be held at COEX from September 2 to 6, and ‘Kiaf Plus’, which will be debuted this year, will be exhibited for five days from September 1 at Setec. Wemade will set up a booth in each exhibition hall to fill the exhibition hall under the theme of ‘expansion of the sound art ecosystem and the evolution of life’ to be led by NFT.

First of all, in ‘Kaf Seoul’, you can see the project of Nile, Nile, which will be the main phase of the WeMix ecosystem. In the booth in the VIP Lounge in the COEX Grand Ballroom, the NFT collection of illustrators ‘Underground’ and ‘Rocho’ will be presented ‘LUS 264 Genesis’ (Lus 264 Genesis). In addition, Francley’s new concept social platform, Tangled, exhibits the Tangled Timepiece, which reinterprets ‘Time is Gold’, a core worldview, as visual art.


In addition, visitors who visited Kiaf Plus, which opens the first statement of the Art Fair, can enjoy the two types of NALL project-based NFT at the Wemade booth in the Setec Lead Sponsor Exhibition, as well as experience events. When participating in events such as a photo zone that can be transformed into a character in NFT in the experience space separated according to the project, it will be presented when participating in events such as ‘Nile’ SNS Follow.

In addition, on September 5th, Wemade Lee Mi-kyung NFT Division attended the talk program of ‘Kiaf Seoul 2022’ held on the 2nd floor of COEX on the 2nd floor of COEX, attending the NFT-DAO-ART on the theme of ‘New Future’, which encompasses NFT-DAO-ART. Proceed. In the field, we will talk about the changes in art markets led by NFT and DAO, and the role and possibilities of Wemade as a new type of art market player through the launch of the DAO platform.

Meanwhile, Kaf Seoul, hosted by the Korea Gallery Association, is the first and largest international art fair in Korea for the past 20 years since its debut in 2002. Since this year, the world’s three largest art fairs, Frieze, have been held together in Seoul for the first time, and the newly launched “ Kiaf Plus ” has been expanding its scale by introducing various works such as NFT Art.