ARC 3.0 is available with all its force in Destiny 2. In addition to new skills, supers and more, Guardians is ready to have an electrifying season. But what are the skills of if you don’t have the right weapon to accompany them? That’s where Sweet Sorrow enters, an arc legendary automatic rifle. Today we are going to discuss How to get Sweet Sorrow and what is the God Roll for Destiny 2.

How to get sweet pain in Destiny 2

There are some ways to win a copy of Sweet Sorrow, but for now we will review the most efficient way to do so.

How to get sweet sadness in Destiny 2

* See the helm and claims the synaptic spear of the war table.

Start by going to the helm. When loading, simply go directly to the war table. When you select it, you can claim the synaptic spear. This is the tool you will need to win Risen threshold Energy, which we will discuss in a moment.

* Play the PSIOPS Battlefield

After claiming Synaptic Spear, go to your map and select the sand mode, PSIOPS BATTLEGUND. This is the activity you will get Risen Umbral Energy. (Note: You also have a small chance of winning a Sweet Sorrow when completing mode).

* Use your resurrected threshold energy to get sweet pain

After getting enough energy, he returns to the war table on the helm. After collecting at least nine risen threshold energy, you can buy your own copy of Sweet Sorrow.

Roll of sweet pain pain

There are some notable advantages that can turn Sweet Sorrow into a first level weapon. But of course, each weapon must have the best roll. According to, the pair of best qualified benefits considered the God roll for the firearm is one for all and statistics for all. This combo allows the weapon to increase the damage, the speed of Recharge, handling, stability and scope for a given period after hitting at least three separate objectives.

With the latest edition of the ARC 3.0 update, Sweet Sorrow is a perfect option to work with any ARC subclass, since it will provide excellent control of the mafia while synchronizing with its new skills.

Can you create sweet pain?

Yes! Sweet Sorrow was actually one of the first weapons introduced as part of the elaboration system that was brought with the DLC Witch Queen. To manufacture the weapon, you must first get five versions of deep vision. These are the versions of the weapon with the red edge around, as shown in the image above. To get this unique version of the weapon, you can get a randomly at the end of a PSIOPS execution, or once a week from the war table spending its resurrected threshold energy. Once you get a deep view of it, you can eliminate the weapon to extract your pattern. After collecting the five necessary patterns, you can go to the enclave on Mars to create your own Sweet Sorrow roll.

That is all you need to know about ** How to get Sweet Sorrow in Destiny 2..

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