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FIFA 23 PS5, PS4, PC, NS Korean version September 30th official release

Game Pia (CEO Jong-un Jung, worked with EA (Electronic Arts), in cooperation with EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 23 ‘PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PC (Origin), Xbox Series X | s, Nintendo The SWITCH ™ package product has been officially released in Korea since September 30, 2022. This product officially supports Korean subtitles.

‘EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 23’ is the latest film of the FIFA series, the most representative soccer game developed by signing a formal license with FIFA, and in this latest work, you can experience the action and reality of football more vividly. HYPERMOTION2 technology, which has been developed more than twice the actual motion capture, is introduced on a PC for the first time, so you can enjoy more realistic gameplay on your PC, and you can play with your friends more easily. It will be supported. In addition, the update corresponding to the FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022 ™, which will be held at the end of this year, will be provided free of charge, and you can experience the peak of international football. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch ™ allows you to meet the new FIFA series through the ‘EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 23 Legacy Edition’, which has been renewed as the latest kits, clubs and the world’s best league teams based on the gameplay of FIFA 22.

In addition, if you connect to the PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X, and PCs through the FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM mode, you can receive the Historic Cover ICON item when you connect to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode through the game FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM mode via PC through the PlayStation4, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X |. (*FUT Match 23 times available) To receive the item, you need to hold EA Account, install the latest game update on the device you play, and then FIFA Ultimate Team online October 7, 2022 11:59 PM PST You have to connect until.

The deliberation rating of ‘EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 23’ package product, which was officially released in Korea on September 30, 2022, is full. More information related to the product can be found on the official website of this game, Game Pia Co., Ltd., and Instagram.

These are the references of The Last of Us for HBO

A short time ago the Internet went crazy, because the first long-term trailer for the The Last of Us , television show that is confirmed to reach the HBO chain was finally released. The best thing is that there are several references found that come from the video game, so we will tell you about the most notorious ones.

1.The first is Alone and Forsaken’s song that sounds in the video, the same melody that sounds when Ellie and Joel travel in the car in the game.

2.The symbol of the fireflies that are cleaning some civilians in the series appears, that is added the written phrase of when you are lost in the dark.

3.There is also the broken watch Joel has throughout the game, it was a birthday gift.

4.There is an approach to a certain person who has a chain on the foot, which can be reference to when Ellie was captured by a group of cannibals.

5.There is a scene where Ellie, Joel and Tess are crossing the pipes, similar to what we saw in the game.

6.Bill’s character appears for the first time.

7.The two deteriorated buildings of Boston are, which are inclined.

8.The first time the characters meet a click.

9.We have Marlene’s first glance, the actress is the same person who gives her voice in the game.

10.The first look at Riley, a DLC character of the first game.

11.You can see Joel carrying his daughter Sarah.

12.The tank appears that chases the characters in Pittsburgh.

13.The first look at Tommy, Joel’s brother.

14.The recreation of Ellie’s appearance after her fight with David.

15.The sunset appears when Ellie and Joel retire to the university where the fireflies are.

Remember that the series will reach HBO next year.

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How to change the difficulty of the campaign in Splatoon 3

The new Platoon 3 campaign, Return of the Mammalians, offers new versions of the Platoon formula. With a lot of content, a deeper story and a unique level design, it is the largest platoon campaign so far. Players may be curious, however, if they can make the game more or less difficult than it is. Here is How to change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3 .

Change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3

Platoon 3 does not have a change of adequate difficulty within the game campaign . The level design cannot be changed to make it easier or more difficult, and the game has no configurations to change the number of enemies or the damage they offer. That said, there is a way to change the difficulty of the levels in the campaign.

When you start a level at return of the mammalians, you usually have the option to choose which weapon can you use when you play. Different weapons offer different amounts of power eggs when a level completes. This is essentially its change of difficulty: weapons that offer smaller rewards are usually easy mode, while weapons with the greatest rewards are essentially difficult. Of course, when the game recommends a specific weapon to use, that is what can be considered the normal or medium difficulty.

That is all we have How to change the difficulty of the campaign in Platoon 3 . Follow to get more Platoon 3 guides, including a look at how you can play multiplayer in line with friends.

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E3 2023: The living-room is transforming itself as well as takes up the formula of the Tokyo Game Program, it will last much longer

After two complicated years, the E3 will make its return in face-to-face in 2023, we already knew it. The E3 2023 will certainly be held from Tuesday, June 13 to Friday, June 16, 2023, one even more day compared to the old versions. Business days will certainly take location from Tuesday, June 13 to Thursday, June 15, while the public will certainly be able to access the show on Thursday, June 15 as well as Friday, June 16, under the title E3 Player Days.

The E3 is just one of minority opportunities worldwide video game industry ahead together, to join in one loud voice and also to reveal the globe what it produces, said Kyle Marsden-Kish, Vice-president of Reed pop Pc Gaming. Our vision is to combine the industry by bring back the standard week of the E3, to bring this spark back and also to recover the role of the E3 as a really magical worldwide occasion for the designers games and consumers.

E3 is not dead. Long live the E3!

The best combinations of the leader and adjutant in The Diofield Chronicle

Both the leader and the adjutant play an important role in each installation. For example, the role of a particular leader may be to ensure the safety of his adjutant so that the latter can use deadly skills when the enemy is nearby. The Airfield Chronicle has the right combinations for various strategies, and we will introduce you to a couple of them.

how to choose their leaders and adjutants in The Airfield Chronicle

In order to be able to choose your leaders and adjutants, you need to monitor three things: detachment statistics, abilities and skills.

Leaders * should be units whose abilities and also statistics you want to save. Some of the best leaders include Andreas, Marion and Cast ewer.
adjutant should be someone with skills and skills ** (taken from their weapons), which can complement the characteristics and abilities of the leader. One of the best-adjutant units is IEEE and Shiva.

The characteristics of the adjutant also do not matter-you do not need to buy equipment for them, except for a weapon with the skills you need.

To give you the best idea of how groups should be organized, some of the best combinations of the leader and adjutant in The Airfield Chronicle are given below.

Andreas and healer

The biggest power of Andreas is to kill him skill. While he is behind the enemy, he can cause deadly damage. Sometimes one blow is enough. The skill also automatically dumps the recovery time if it is used as a final blow, so the best accessory that you can give Andreas is a necklace that increases the equipment. The technique affects the power of the skill of unit.

However, as a detachment of killers, the health and defense of Andreas are not the best. A healer like Shiva can help him in extreme cases. Make sure that you have another leader who can provoke the enemy’s aggression in order to keep him from Andreas’s back.

Cast ever and Woman Night

With the natural high characteristics of the technique and good luck of a female sniper, such as Likened and Umarid, are deadly. With a bow that has a stunning shot skill, Rickenbacker can in extreme cases cancel enemy skills. Meanwhile, a set of skills of a crossbow/weapon user, such as Maria, oriented to apply damage, can be used to create a pair that will become the main damage to the enemy.

Nevertheless, snipers do not have the best health and protection. Cast ewer has characteristics to protect them if his Casanova ability is unlocked. Casanova will add 20 to all the characteristics of the castor, if he is a woman partner.

Cast ever and Idler

Weapon Sword/Shield has an aggressive medium-range skill called slash from a turn , which can be used to provoke several accidents. As a cavalier, a cast ever can lure them with his horse. This opens up many strategies such as opening the back for Andreas or a temporary division of enemy forces, so that it is easier to deal with them.

Again, this installation is effective only if the capacity of the Casanova Severe is unlocked.

Walking and Likened

With unlocked aggressive recovery (or saving EP) and increasing damage from skills, Belgian becomes a deadly wizard who never ends EP. It should be equipped with staff with attacking skills as a meteor fall.

In addition, if the group is on the field, it can play the unique ability of the magician-the circle of recovery. Usually there is no need for a special healer such as Shiva, as the main unit, while there is a magician nearby.

The only thing that the universal attacking Wall cannot do is cancel enemy skills. This is easily solved by an archer with a weapon equipped with a deafening shot. Since the range of archer action is similar to the range of the magician, she does not need to come too close to the enemy to use it. Likened is the best option for her adjutant, since it is better for Marion to be a leader. This leads us to the next point.

Marion and Shiva

With the unlocks strengthening of good luck, increasing the chance of a critical blow and strengthening the auto-), the elementary rifle becomes a deadly shooter, which can be left to yourself. The unique skill of the sniper, building a fan tail, is also best used by it.

Give Shiva a wand with ice rocket . This skill creates an ice block that launches rockets every time the team attacks. With Shiva as an adjutant of the element, the team can apply more damage, as well as have a chance to freeze the enemy!

How to change positions with the adjutant during the battle

The game will allow you to switch between the leader and the adjutant right in the middle of the battle. Chapter two Forward. On the skills screen, move the arrow to the left. Click on a ball with the inscription switching blocks . The number in this area corresponds to how many times you can make an exchange.

In addition to changing the position of the leader and adjutant in extreme cases, you can also use Switch units to replace any of them with a Blue Fox member in your reserves. This is a great practice for universal units, such as Severe, who have several potential adjutants with whom they can work.

The best team and organization of the party in The Airfield Chronicle

If you are still not sure which units work well together in the team, below are several options for group settings that you should consider:

  • Andreas, Cast ewer (with a bearer), Marion and Captain
  • Andreas, Desire, Marion (with Shiva) and Gestalt
  • Andreas, Marion, Dona var (with Riverbank) and Captain

As long as you have Andreas, one tank (for example, Islet and Dona var) and a magician as your leaders, you easily experience most battles.

Of course, each card requires its set of leaders and adjutants. For example, if there are a lot of flyers, include two snipers in your group. If you are fighting cavalry and infantrymen in large numbers, the presence of two tanks in the team may be more profitable.

Continue to experiment; See which teams are better suited for both the card and your personal style of the game.

To get additional information about The Airfield Chronicle and other strategic role-playing games, get acquainted with some of our other publications here, in games for professionals.

What is the time jump between episodes 5 and 6 in House of the Dragon? Answered

We already knew that House of the Dragon would suffer a great cast change in the middle of the season thanks to a great leap in time, and finally is here. If you are wondering How long the time jump between episodes 5 and 6 of House of the Dragon is This is what you need to know.

How much time between episodes 5 and 6 in House of the Dragon?

While the exact timeline is not indicated, The time jump between episodes 5 and 6 of House of the Dragon is around 10 to 15 years.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Olivia Cooke (who plays Alien Hightower) talks about how she plays her role as Aliment from her. She says: 10 years or 15 years later, whenever, I think it’s about this power to find your femininity.

This number also makes sense, since Argon has grown considerably when we see him in episode 6. She is already learning to fight with her brother and nephews of her, and Alien is already trying to prepare it to govern. She seems to be in her adolescence, and that would align with the time jump of 10 to 15 years in the timeline of the series.

That is all you need to know about What is the time jump between episodes 5 and 6 in House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for to get more news and information about the series, including if Joffrey is the son of Labor and why Chandra’s children have dark hair.

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THW caretaker MRKVA is outstanding: Kiel gets clear deficit in Hanover

Twelve mins prior to the end, Vincent Büchner established at 24:20 in the gurgling Tag Field. Prior to this desire stage of the Lower Saxony, the game had mainly been balanced, as well as a team had actually been drawn away for the first time.

With 10: 0 points, Kiel is in top place thanks to the finest goal difference. The most successful throwers with 8 goals from the Hanoverian Maximilian Gerbil and Eric Johansson were each.

In the remainder of the period, Hanover just racked up 3 goals. This was mainly due to a superior Tomas MRA, which stood between the blog posts from the 49th min.

Harald Ranking racked up 50 seconds before the end for 28:26, quickly after that Magnus Landing Jacobsen received a time penalty. Ladislav Rules reduced again, yet in the outnumbered Damage Duncan made whatever clear with the 29:27 shortly prior to the end of the video game.

Magdeburg wins plainly at O’Sullivan’s wedding anniversary

As well as Magdeburg? The master proceeded his winning streak. 3 days after the second success in the second video game of the Champions League, the group of instructor Bennet Winger dominated 39:25 (17:12) against GWD Minded on Sunday. In the 5th triumph in the fifth league video game, Omar Inge Mansion was the very best thrower of the SCM with 9 gateways.

In the 200th Bundesliga video game of the captain Christian O’Sullivan, the SCM no more had the substitute damaged Minded in the 2nd round. In the last quarter of an hour, the master ultimately considerably substantially made the outcome.

The still meaningless Mindedness kept up well in the first quarter of an hour, adjusted a two-goal benefit of the SCM. Winger paused and also in the final phase of the initial half, the hosts drew away in front of 6043 fans and also went into the break with a lead of five goals.

no champions and also a lot of drama in Lego as well as Nuremberg

The end in Lego, which had actually led 16:11 at the break, was even extra dramatic. Samuel Gender racked up 29:28 for the house side 39 seconds prior to the end, before Leipzig was also given a penalty toss with the end of the clock.

Referees: Tanja Butler (Meckenbeuren)/ Make Mere (Meckenbeuren).

HC Erlangen-Melsungen 34:34 (15:18).

THW Kiel: Johansson 8, Whence 5, Ranking 4, Bilk 3, Berg 3, Over 2, Dame 1, Duncan 1, M. Landing 1, Wallis 1.

Tore SC Magdeburg: O. I. Mansion 9/5, Horne 6, Muscle 6, G. T. Kristiansen 3, Master 3, M. Damaged 2, Martens 2, Saugstrup 2, pH. Weber 2, Beak 1, o ¦ Sullivan 1, D. Patterson 1, Smith 1.

TBV Lego Slippers DHFK Leipzig 29:29 (16:11).

Tore HC Erlangen: Olsson 7/2, Steiner 7/4, Gender 6, Michel 4, Lesson 3, Model 2, Metzger 2, Bessel 1, S. Inhaler 1, N. Web link 1.

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf-Thw Kiel 27:29 (13:15).

visitor: 4089.

Criminal mins: -/ 6.

Twelve mins prior to the end, Vincent Büchner established at 24:20 in the gurgling Tag Arena. Harald Ranking scored 50 seconds prior to the end for 28:26, soon after that Magnus Landing Jacobsen obtained a time fine. Ladislav Rules shortened again, however in the surpassed Damage Duncan made everything clear with the 29:27 shortly prior to the end of the video game.

MT Messenger: D. Manic 7, Martini 5/5, K. Hefner 4, Malasinskas 4, Canada 3, A. Gomes 3, Calabash 3, Morals Ferreira 3, Into 1.

Umpire: Sasha Schmidt (Bochum)/ Frederic Linker (Bochum).

SC Magdeburg-GWD Minded 39:25 (17:12).

Tore TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Gerbil 8/1, Robotic 4, B. Ludovic 4, Fischer 3, Base 2, Kusch 2, Michalczik 2, Büchner 1, Kuzmanovski 1.

The Erlangen, that started with 4 success, won a counter versus Messenger regardless of the three-goal shortage at the break (15:18) in the final seconds. Soon before the end of the video game, Christoph Steiner transformed a 7 meter to 34:34, that went out in the last assault over cars away.

SC Dark Leipzig: V. Kristiansen 9/3, Mismatch 6, Binder 4, Withe 4, M. GEENA 3, CIVIC 1, Magic 1, Meyer-Siebert 1.

Referee: Julian Fete (Berlin)/ Niels Heinrich (Berlin).

Incompetency: -/ Canada (59. ).

Completion in Lego, which had led 16:11 at the break, was also more remarkable. Samuel Gender racked up 29:28 for the residence side 39 secs before the end, before Leipzig was additionally offered a fine throw with completion of the clock. Virgo Kristiansen kept his nerves as well as performed 29:29.

audience: 6043.

Criminal minutes: 6/6.

Umpire: Julian Koppel (Darmstadt)/ Denis Tegnér (Nieder-Olm).


audience: 6036.

GWD Minded: Urban 6/1, Ascension Camera 5, Pieczkowski 4, Kitsch 2, Holder 2, Jungian 2, Richtzenhain 2, Forte 1.

Tore TBV Lego Lipped: Gender 12/6, Shaken 5, Expertise 4, Sutton 3, Speak 2, Bosch 1, G. Guardiola Villalba 1, Huck 1.

Wrongdoer minutes: 6/4.

Bad guy mins: 6/2.

visitor: 2725.

Modern War 2, exactly how to check your gun or tool

Modern War 2 has a variety of different weapons and weapons that you can use. There is a method to look at them better in the video game by examining their tool And also in this overview we show you exactly how to inspect your tool or weapon in modern War 2 **.

The assessment of your tool is rather easy, yet you should not make it a habit, as it is completely deactivated as well as protected against from shooting. So you just intend to do this at the beginning of a game or if you know that you are risk-free.

So review our overview below for assessment of your weapon or weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern War 2, just how to inspect your gun or weapon.

To check your weapon or weapon in Modern Warfare 2, all you have to do is hold the left arrowhead on the Cross . This plays the computer animation. If Is you are on a computer or make use of a mouse as well as a keyboard, you have to push the I button **.

This way you can see your blueprint or gun secure in all its splendor. Or maybe you just desire to get a classy clip prior to killing somebody.

Further ideas on assessment of your tool or weapon in Modern Warfare 2 can be found in our various other guidelines for the very best weapons in the video game or the most effective advantages.

The creator of League of Legends and Dota has a new game: so you can try it for free

You may not know his name, but if you like League of Legends You owe a very big to Steve Peak. Better known on the Internet under the nick of Guinea , he was one of Riot Games’s star signings when he was just beginning to develop the video game that made her famous worldwide. Also, responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the first endow, he is considered by all as the father of the Mob. However, he has long abandoned his position of success insured in the industry to develop a new video game called fangs that we can all try.


How to try the new game of League of Legends

Fangs is a Moba-style multiplayer game in which two teams of four players fight to get victory by eliminating their rivals or meet the objectives. In much smaller maps with respect to those that are accustomed to this type of games and with a proposal focused on a much faster action and constant, we have already been able to prove the proposal, staying with a fantastic mouth taste. Something that now all members of the community can do on the occasion of the next great playable test of the title.

The development team led by Guinea has announced a phase of open tests that will take place on the servers of Europe, North America and South America from next day October 5, 2022 . Participation is, of course, totally free and the procedures to ensure we can try fangs are the simplest. All we must do is go to the official website of developers and complete a small questionnaire to guarantee a key that, yes, will be exclusive to Steam.

  • From here you can register in the next Fangs test!

As an additional note, Guinea is not the only ex of League of Legends that participates in the development of this new video game. The father of the star title of Riot Games has also signed some great talents of the developer to create this new experience. The truth is that, if we are fans of the Mob, we have more than left over to try it.

GTA 6-Leak: Cyberpunk discovered as well as arrested

This month there were network interventions from unapproved persons at both Uber and Superstar Games. At Rock star, this created a leakage of the Grand Theft Car 6, which remained in advancement, which rapidly distributed throughout the Net. A customer named Teapotuberhacker condemned himself for the leakage, who additionally declared that he was likewise in charge of the hack assault against Uber. Uber was already cooperating with the FBI on this issue as well as soon the assault by the Lapses $ was associated.

teenager in relation to GTA-6-leak detained

Additionally read

Similar to Uber, Rock star Gaming likewise complied with the FBI to get to the base of the hacking strike. Because the hacker himself already specified that he was likewise behind the attack on Uber, it is fairly feasible that Lapses $ was also associated with the GTA-6 leak.

The group was currently behind strikes on Microsoft, Nvidia, as well as Samsung, which is why a couple of teens from the UK were detained here. As BBC now reported, a 17-year-old in the United Kingdom was just collared in regard to the recent GTA 6 leakages. It is presently presumed that the individual has connections with Lapses $, however official information have actually not yet been announced.


GTA 6: Gamers have actually placed with each other the map from leakage

Google Earth and also Microsoft Paint are dedicated to creating the game card of the game from the GTA-6 leakage. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

GTA 6 Leakage: Who lags it? The FBI was turned on!

There have actually been some advancements around the leakage to Rock stars in the previous few days. At the very least according to Superstar Games, the leakage needs to have no effect on the development time of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The leak around GTA 6 continues to defeat big waves. Currently, even the FBI in the U.S.A. bargains with the situation!

By Daniel Link
23.09.2022 at 6:53 p.m.

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At Superstar, this caused a leakage of the Grand Theft Automobile 6, which was in development, which promptly distributed throughout the Net. A user named Teapotuberhacker condemned himself for the leakage, who additionally claimed that he was likewise liable for the hack attack versus Uber. As BBC now reported, a 17-year-old in the United Kingdom was just taken right into protection in relationship to the recent GTA 6 leaks. There have actually been some growths around the leak to Rock stars in the previous few days. At the very least according to Superstar Gaming, the leak needs to have no result on the advancement time of Grand Theft Vehicle 6.

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