Of course, this is just a simple calculation . The play-in allows four teams to join the main Worlds event, and this year, the calls main regions , North America, China, South Korea and Europe will have 5 teams to this qualifying phase; Therefore, one of them will not pass this stage. Inevitably we are a bit disappointed, because if a team of one of these regions has to be eliminated, we want it to be by a team of a region considered less strong, after impressive matches, and not because the format prevents them from accessing. Now, let’s take a look at the forces involved.

4 places for 5 large regions equipment

The teams of the so-called main regions that will participate in the play-in are the following:

  • The fourth Seed of the LPL
  • The fourth Seed of the LCK
  • The third Seed of the LEC

* The fourth Seed of the LEC
* The third Seed of the LCS

It must be recognized that this peculiarity of the year 2022 is something exceptional. European series Now, it is not impossible for to several teams from the main regions do not reach the Main Event . Three of them will be in the Bombo number 1 for the group draw: the fourth Seed of the LPL and LCK, as well as the third Seed of Europe. The third American Seed and the fourth European Seed will be in the second bass drum . The last team in the first hype is the second Seed of the Southeast Asian region .

Possibles scenarios

This year, the play-in format has changed a little, since there are only two groups of 6 teams and all will compete in BO1; those that end first of their groups They will pass to Main Event . Then, the teams in third and fourth position will face each other in BO5, before going to challenge the second team of the opposing group, along with another in BO5 (approximately numbers 3 and 4 of group A they hit each other, and the winner will challenge to number 2 of Group B). The winner of this final match will go to Main Event .

Imagine that there is a scenario in which four of the five teams of the main regions end in the same group . Let’s say there are no surprises in this group, and all the teams in the dominant regions end in the first four places of the group. A team will be eliminated in the match between third and fourth place .

Now, in the another group , let’s think there was a small surprise , and the team of the main region lost a match against a surprise team that won all its meetings and, therefore,, he said first. Therefore, the two teams of the main regions will be playing a key game , sealing the fate of another. This scenario is still quite unlikely **, but it has the merit of existing and being the most credible.

With the BO5 Classification , it seems difficult to imagine that a Wildcard team vents to the sown 3 or 4 of the LEC, or even the sown 3 of the LCS (not to mention the monsters of the LCK and the LPL ), But these scenarios also exist.