The Lord of the Rings: The power rings is finally available on Amazon Prime Video . His first two episodes have unleaforementioned jewelshed an earthquake among the followers of Tolkien’s work, which are increaforementioned jewelsingly aforementioned jewelsked about characters, places and events of the colossal universe. On this occaforementioned jewelsion, we focus on a very important period: The War of Jewels .

What is the jewelry war?

The first thing you should know is that it is the name of one of the 13 vol ú Men is of the history of the Middle Tierra , the series of books of Cristopher Tolkien, in which he deepens and explores the universe created by his father. In the context of the Lord of the Rings: the power rings, it is necessary to know what exactly the aforementioned jewels and why they have so much relevance.

The Jewelry War is a period of the first age, caused by the disappearance of the three Silmaris, gems conceived from the essence of the two trees of Váminor: Telperion and Laurelin . The origin dates back to the moment when Morgoth / Melkor destroys the two lamps, the two trees, murders the Noldor King and ends up stealing the aforementioned jewels.

Fëanor, son of the king of Noldor, is the creator of the three Silmaris. His taforementioned jewelsk waforementioned jewels to protect them from mortals, because they had the power to rebuild the two trees . What he could not foresee is that Morgoth / Melkor would end up killing his father and stealing the gems to later flee to the lands of the North of the Middle Earth. The jewelry war is considered to begin with Fëanor’s promise to undertake the trip with his own with the sole intention of recovering them .

The years of the rings: the power rings, available at Amazon Prime Video

The series premiered its first two chapters yesterday. We will have to wait a few days to begin to come from this seaforementioned jewelson 1, the first of a total of 5 . In this link you have the details and the releaforementioned jewelse date of each episode.