The warrior challenged various genres through the series, My Oasis, and recently, and recently expanded its base, and participated in the Busan Indie Connect Festival 2022 (BIC 2022) with a new PC game ‘Blue Wenz Day’.. ‘Blue Wen’s Day’ is a story-based game that combines mini games such as rhythm and puzzles. Why is the buff studio, which has been working on pioneering story adventure genres for recent years, has brought ‘Blue Wenz Day’ among various games?

■ You, me, our story-We all were once ‘Morris’
Q. The warrior has played a lot of games since progress, but it seems like you’ve been seeing it for a long time. How have you been?

Kim Do-hyung: I was busy developing several games. In the past, it clung to one game, but now 22 employees are divided into three teams to develop various games. The two teams are mobile games, and one team is preparing for a new RPG, and the other team is developing a story-based mobile game. The remaining team is a PC console team that played in the BIC 2022 with Blue Wen’s Day, and three teams are developing a total of five games.

Q. Since I divided the team into three, it seems that the development stance has changed.

Kim Do-hyung: The mobile game market has changed rapidly. So, in order to prepare for this change, it is good to create a team that can be performed with performance marketing that can be used for user acquiside (user).

** Q. As a result, I had a Seven Days Origin on my PC ahead of ‘Blue Wen’s Day’. At the time, I wanted to see it and expand the platform.

Kim Do-hyung: Seven Days Origin is a project to study to know what kind of market the PC or console market is, rather than a title that announces its entry. The result is that it’s not easy. It was more difficult than mobile. So, the performance was not good, but if you look back, you could respond better if you knew it as much as it is now.

Q. I said it was a response, but what exactly is it?

Kim Do-hyung: There are so many ways to tell the game on Steam. There are several programs that help you promote or marketing, but I didn’t use it at all. There is a steam Next Fest, and even if I participated there, it would have been a lot of publicity, but I didn’t participate because I didn’t know how to use it. It was a mistake I did because I didn’t know Steam well.

Q. Seven Days, Underworld Office, and Heroes are not the ‘Blue Wen’s Day’. It seems to be focusing on the recent story adventure genre. What was the opportunity?

Kim Do-hyung: I have to go back to the past. I made a year and six months, but unfortunately I didn’t have good grades. It was the hardest time to run the company, but fortunately, My Oasis was able to survive with good results.

I learned one thing at that time, and I learned that it was not a good thing to focus on the company’s workforce on a project. Since then, I have been sharing the team and prolific, but it was Seven Days that had been the first success. Seven Days has a good performance, so if you change the story and art with the framework, you can make a good game at a low cost. As a result, games in various story adventure genres were available as now.

Q. Let’s talk about ‘Blue Wen’s Day’ in earnest. What kind of game is it.

Seo Kyung-ah: ‘Blue Wen’s Day’ is a story about the story of the story adventure, a story about the failure of the main character, Jazzlist Morris, the resulting frustration, overcoming and success. In some ways, it might be the story of all of us. The game has failed the failed jazzl as the main character, but in reality, everyone will have a similar experience. Not everyone is doing what they dream of. The above is high, but the reality is that I do not want to eat and live. I wanted to contain a story about such dreams and reality. And as I see his story in the game, I want users to form a consensus.

Q. Why was it a jazzlist?

Seo Kyung-ah: I didn’t have a jazzl as the main character with an intention. It would be nice if the planner played music and made a game of music. I started there and had one or two forms, so I became a jazzl. However, jazz is attractive, but it’s a bit distant, it’s not familiar music. So, on the contrary, I thought that artwork would be familiar.

Q. I said it was a familiar artwork, but is there a part of my own point.

Seo Kyung-ah: If Jaw is the subject, he often pursues metaphysical art according to music. However, I wanted to avoid such a universal art style as much as I can see. In that sense, I think it’s a webtoon style art that buff studio has previously tried before.

Q. Blue means depression. In fact, the game is not as bright as the game, but it seems to be some intended title. So what do Wenz Day mean?

Seo Kyung-ah: It doesn’t mean something tremendous, but employees have said that. What day is the hardest? It was Thursday that the most difficult day of the week gathered. He said it was the hardest in the middle. I thought that Thursday resembled the situation where Morris was. As a jazzlist, it’s a successful life, and it’s not that he gives up his dream and is satisfied with his ordinary life. It just repeats the daily life, reflecting Morris’s heart that wants to escape from that everyday life.

Q. I thought it was a rhythm game at first, but it wasn’t. There are also puzzle elements, and each difficulty was low, but I can understand it as a concept to assist the story.

Seo Kyung-ah: I thought the jazzlist was the main character. However, if the color is too strong, it will be a barrier to entry. In fact, the visitors also looked at the field and asked, ‘Is this a rhythm game?’ So, so that the difficulty is not as high as possible, anyone can enjoy it easily. For reference, we are preparing the OST with DLC, and 50 ~ 60 songs will be included in the official version.

Q. The core of the story adventure genre is the story. Maybe I have to spend a lot of balls in the scenario, how about buff studio.

Kim Do-hyung: I’m still a small indie developer. Nevertheless, each team has a team member dedicated to scenarios, so he is working on a scenario around the team. ‘Blue Wen’s Day’ is home to me and Sekyung-ah PD.

Q. The story of Morris was said to be the story of all of us. I wonder why I chose this material.

Seo Kyung-ah: The game based on the story also thought nothing was as good as stimulating consensus. Even if it’s not a story that reverses something, it’s like ‘yeah, I did it too.’ At the same time, I wanted to ask us what Morris thinks. Everyone has a similar experience, but not all of them think the same. I hope the users who play the game will talk to each other.


Q. A buff studio with a variety of attempts. What developers do you want to remember in the future?

Kim Do-hyung: We think that a game is the most powerful medium that conveys experience to users. In that sense, I think the game should be such a fun and a medium that allows users to experience something new. My oasis, which gave users a comfort to the user because of a healing game, is a typical example.

The same is true for ‘Blue Wen’s Day’. It is a game where you want to draw a consensus and talk to each other in that part, and to talk about each other. All the games in Buff Studios will not be such a game that conveys meaning, but I hope that this will be a memorable game company by using this a lot.