The fourth episode of House of the Dragon of HBO gave us a narrative and a development of significant characters, with Chandra and Daemon joining in a brothel, saying goodbye to Otto and more. If you are wondering if being Prison cole is in love with Chandra However, this is what he needs to know.

Keep in mind that this article will delve into some Fire and Blood book spoilers, so close this page now if you do not want to give spoilers about future events.

Are Prison in love with Chandra in House of the Dragon?

At this point of the HBO program, Prison is not yet completely in love with Chandra. But after having spent the night with her, and after all the small interactions of her in the last two episodes, he is definitely beginning to feel something for the princess.

As the story develops and Chandra becomes more mature, Prison’s feelings begin to become a little more serious, and eventually even ask him to escape with him and begin a new life elsewhere. However, Chandra rejects him because she believes that Targaryen deserves more in life than being the wife of a mercenary, and that essentially marks the end of her love story.

Does Prison marry Chandra in House of the Dragon?

Chandra will eventually marry a couple of times in the course of history, but no, she never marries Prison.


This should not be a surprise, considering that House cole is not exactly a very prestigious house in Westeros. As a potential heiress of the iron throne, Chandra is expected to marry other high-level lords for duty, and we have an article here that details with whom she marries exactly in the series.

That is all you need to know about if Prison is in love with Chandra in House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the series, including who is Daemon’s wife and what is the owl time.

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