You may not know his name, but if you like League of Legends You owe a very big to Steve Peak. Better known on the Internet under the nick of Guinea , he was one of Riot Games’s star signings when he was just beginning to develop the video game that made her famous worldwide. Also, responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the first endow, he is considered by all as the father of the Mob. However, he has long abandoned his position of success insured in the industry to develop a new video game called fangs that we can all try.


How to try the new game of League of Legends

Fangs is a Moba-style multiplayer game in which two teams of four players fight to get victory by eliminating their rivals or meet the objectives. In much smaller maps with respect to those that are accustomed to this type of games and with a proposal focused on a much faster action and constant, we have already been able to prove the proposal, staying with a fantastic mouth taste. Something that now all members of the community can do on the occasion of the next great playable test of the title.

The development team led by Guinea has announced a phase of open tests that will take place on the servers of Europe, North America and South America from next day October 5, 2022 . Participation is, of course, totally free and the procedures to ensure we can try fangs are the simplest. All we must do is go to the official website of developers and complete a small questionnaire to guarantee a key that, yes, will be exclusive to Steam.

  • From here you can register in the next Fangs test!

As an additional note, Guinea is not the only ex of League of Legends that participates in the development of this new video game. The father of the star title of Riot Games has also signed some great talents of the developer to create this new experience. The truth is that, if we are fans of the Mob, we have more than left over to try it.