Both the leader and the adjutant play an important role in each installation. For example, the role of a particular leader may be to ensure the safety of his adjutant so that the latter can use deadly skills when the enemy is nearby. The Airfield Chronicle has the right combinations for various strategies, and we will introduce you to a couple of them.

how to choose their leaders and adjutants in The Airfield Chronicle

In order to be able to choose your leaders and adjutants, you need to monitor three things: detachment statistics, abilities and skills.

Leaders * should be units whose abilities and also statistics you want to save. Some of the best leaders include Andreas, Marion and Cast ewer.
adjutant should be someone with skills and skills ** (taken from their weapons), which can complement the characteristics and abilities of the leader. One of the best-adjutant units is IEEE and Shiva.

The characteristics of the adjutant also do not matter-you do not need to buy equipment for them, except for a weapon with the skills you need.

To give you the best idea of how groups should be organized, some of the best combinations of the leader and adjutant in The Airfield Chronicle are given below.

Andreas and healer

The biggest power of Andreas is to kill him skill. While he is behind the enemy, he can cause deadly damage. Sometimes one blow is enough. The skill also automatically dumps the recovery time if it is used as a final blow, so the best accessory that you can give Andreas is a necklace that increases the equipment. The technique affects the power of the skill of unit.

However, as a detachment of killers, the health and defense of Andreas are not the best. A healer like Shiva can help him in extreme cases. Make sure that you have another leader who can provoke the enemy’s aggression in order to keep him from Andreas’s back.

Cast ever and Woman Night

With the natural high characteristics of the technique and good luck of a female sniper, such as Likened and Umarid, are deadly. With a bow that has a stunning shot skill, Rickenbacker can in extreme cases cancel enemy skills. Meanwhile, a set of skills of a crossbow/weapon user, such as Maria, oriented to apply damage, can be used to create a pair that will become the main damage to the enemy.

Nevertheless, snipers do not have the best health and protection. Cast ewer has characteristics to protect them if his Casanova ability is unlocked. Casanova will add 20 to all the characteristics of the castor, if he is a woman partner.

Cast ever and Idler

Weapon Sword/Shield has an aggressive medium-range skill called slash from a turn , which can be used to provoke several accidents. As a cavalier, a cast ever can lure them with his horse. This opens up many strategies such as opening the back for Andreas or a temporary division of enemy forces, so that it is easier to deal with them.

Again, this installation is effective only if the capacity of the Casanova Severe is unlocked.

Walking and Likened

With unlocked aggressive recovery (or saving EP) and increasing damage from skills, Belgian becomes a deadly wizard who never ends EP. It should be equipped with staff with attacking skills as a meteor fall.

In addition, if the group is on the field, it can play the unique ability of the magician-the circle of recovery. Usually there is no need for a special healer such as Shiva, as the main unit, while there is a magician nearby.

The only thing that the universal attacking Wall cannot do is cancel enemy skills. This is easily solved by an archer with a weapon equipped with a deafening shot. Since the range of archer action is similar to the range of the magician, she does not need to come too close to the enemy to use it. Likened is the best option for her adjutant, since it is better for Marion to be a leader. This leads us to the next point.

Marion and Shiva

With the unlocks strengthening of good luck, increasing the chance of a critical blow and strengthening the auto-), the elementary rifle becomes a deadly shooter, which can be left to yourself. The unique skill of the sniper, building a fan tail, is also best used by it.

Give Shiva a wand with ice rocket . This skill creates an ice block that launches rockets every time the team attacks. With Shiva as an adjutant of the element, the team can apply more damage, as well as have a chance to freeze the enemy!

How to change positions with the adjutant during the battle

The game will allow you to switch between the leader and the adjutant right in the middle of the battle. Chapter two Forward. On the skills screen, move the arrow to the left. Click on a ball with the inscription switching blocks . The number in this area corresponds to how many times you can make an exchange.

In addition to changing the position of the leader and adjutant in extreme cases, you can also use Switch units to replace any of them with a Blue Fox member in your reserves. This is a great practice for universal units, such as Severe, who have several potential adjutants with whom they can work.

The best team and organization of the party in The Airfield Chronicle

If you are still not sure which units work well together in the team, below are several options for group settings that you should consider:

  • Andreas, Cast ewer (with a bearer), Marion and Captain
  • Andreas, Desire, Marion (with Shiva) and Gestalt
  • Andreas, Marion, Dona var (with Riverbank) and Captain

As long as you have Andreas, one tank (for example, Islet and Dona var) and a magician as your leaders, you easily experience most battles.

Of course, each card requires its set of leaders and adjutants. For example, if there are a lot of flyers, include two snipers in your group. If you are fighting cavalry and infantrymen in large numbers, the presence of two tanks in the team may be more profitable.

Continue to experiment; See which teams are better suited for both the card and your personal style of the game.

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